The Sister-wives of Concordia

#1 Bestselling Science-Fiction Erotica author Emily Tilton brings you her naughtiest vision of the future yet.

When eighteen-year-old Mary Haven goes to meet the woman who will be her senior sister-wife in the household of the elder of the traditionally-minded Assembly of the Concord, she feels sure she has received a great honor in being taken as the elder’s fourth eon-wife. But Mrs. Jones quickly makes it clear that Mary’s fate has darker things in store: after paddling the girl soundly for disobedience, the matron intends to send her to the Hall of Pleasure, to be enjoyed by the frightening Concordist overseer and his henchmen.

Mark Abbott and his own wives, Heather and Greta, hear of the plan and resolve to rescue Mary, bringing her into the Abbott household as second eon-wife instead. But though Mark, Heather, and Greta succeed in saving Mary from the Hall of Pleasure, she must undergo a thorough inspection and examination by the elder and the overseer even before the ordeal of her eon-marriage to Mark.

When the government of Fidelia colony decides to put a stop to the strange practices of the Concordists, though, can the Abbotts, with Mary under their protection, save their community from the overseer’s attempt to bring them all under his oppressive sexual rule?