Available April 13th

Had Sage Walker been born to anyone other than a notorious witch, she may have known love, marriage, and motherhood. Instead, at age twenty-five, her future as an old maid is set. That is, until she learns of an arrangement made between her mother and the matriarch of the Bicker family that will see her married to John Bicker, the eldest son.

However, in every bargain there is an exchange: Sage will have a husband, but in return must provide her new family with grandchildren. Seems easy enough, except Sage is completely innocent in the ways of intimacy and is about to unknowingly bind herself in matrimony to an experienced Dominant.

Will Sage be able to set her insecurities aside and learn how to please the handsome John Bicker? Can she be the submissive wife he has been searching for?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical love story includes elements of power exchange.