Available April 6th

I’m a retired police officer, now working as a licensed private investigator with my own firm. My partner also happens to be my wife. We work well together and the busier she is, the less trouble she can get in to. At least, I thought so.

When the city decides to build a homeless shelter, it seems to be the perfect volunteer job for Alicia. I have conditions that have to be met, of course. When it seems everything is running smoothly, and Alicia is scheduled to receive an award from the city, a disturbing truth is uncovered.

My wife and her best friend, or should I say accomplice, prove to me again that it pays to keep a close eye on them whenever they are together. I would think that, by now, my Alicia fully understands what penalty awaits such behavior. Unless she is hopelessly drawn to it. Shouldn’t being a wife and mother be enough to keep her focused on safety? It’s my job to make sure she is safe from all things, including herself. Am I strong enough to do so?

Publisher’s Note: This fun-filled romance is book three in The Apprentice series, but can be read as a stand alone. There are explicit scenes, and elements of domestic discipline.