Available Sept 28th

Living a lonely and unhappy life on the Planet Venem, Merilee Black, the slender beauty with long blonde hair, decided desperate times called for desperate measures. Needing a new life, the Common Swallow Woods would be her only answer. This leap of faith, however, would change her life dramatically—she hoped, for the best.

Imagine his surprise, while hunting in the Receiver Woods, when Steele Dread stumbled across a gorgeous woman. The tall, broad-shouldered clan leader hadn’t expected the gods to answer his prayers for a woman so quickly. His clan of five would be very pleased with the prize he brought home this night.

Five men—each one tall, muscular, brutish and extremely stern—would claim the violet-eyed woman, teaching her their ways. Would Merilee submit completely to the Diviljak men on this male-dominated planet? Would they survive a traumatic event that could change their love—forever?

Publisher Warning: Intended for those over the age of eighteen only. This dark, steamy science fiction reverse harem romance contains elements of power exchange.