Available July 19th

Livvie Morton didn’t do one night stands, until she met the handsome British stranger. On her own since the age of eighteen, now, at forty-four, she had built a business and a life. It was all she needed. That is, until True came into her life.

True Kensington was several years her junior, a successful businessman who devoured small companies as well as beautiful women. So, what did he want with her? Of course, it had to be her company, didn’t it?

Can he convince her that he wants her and that he has absolutely no interest in taking over her life’s work? Can she get over their obvious differences to give him a chance to prove to her that she is all he wants?

Publisher’s Note: This is a steamy contemporary romance set in the corporate world, where power exchange is prominent. Please do not read it if this might be offensive to you.