Can they work together to stop a serial killer with the past hanging over their heads?

Mackenzie “Mac” Fleming is the chief deputy at the sheriff’s department in Birch Bend, a tiny community in the U.P. of Michigan. When a woman disappears on her way home from work, it is the beginning of unimaginable crimes in a town that has never had a serious crime. After a second woman, an eighteen-year-old high school senior, disappears, Mac knows she needs help in Birch Bend.

Seth Galloway is sent from the FBI to provide that help, but Mac and Seth have a past together and they did not part on good terms. The sparks fly from the beginning and so does the attraction. When a total of four women have gone missing, Seth and Mac work together on the case and soon find their old rhythm of chasing down evidence as a pair. Old feelings resurface as well.

As Mac and Seth realize their past breakup was engineered by a someone else, the evil continues to grow in Birch Bend, throwing the two of them together even more.

Desperate to solve the crimes, the two begin to find leads that take them to a sick and twisted family story. It’s a race against time, knowing that the kidnapping and killing spree will continue until they put a stop to it. Can they do it? Can they turn Birch Bend back into a safe and peaceful place? And will their second chance at a personal relationship survive it all?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy romantic suspense contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

Available June 22nd