Lydia’s in peril… Is Jaleel her savior or danger in disguise?

Lydia Comier’s life could never be called simple. From her family history to her chosen profession she is always giving the neighbors something to talk about. Now facing the supernatural danger that has hurt or killed so many in her family, she finds herself tempted by Jaleel Tomas. A man with a profession and background much like her own.

Unfortunately, Lydia can’t be sure if he is part of the danger she is trying to avoid or a new type of danger all on his own. Now Lydia has to make a choice. Does she follow her instincts and steer clear of the paranormal danger until she can finally defeat it or does she follow her heart and run headfirst into Jaleel’s waiting arms?

Jaleel has hired Lydia to showcase some historical items he’s purchased. She’s a gorgeous woman and there is something about her that calls to him. When he notices she doesn’t take care of herself, the need to protect her becomes paramount. Can he keep her safe from a supernatural disturbance that seems to follow her?

Publisher’s Note: This dark fantasy paranormal romance is intended for adults only. It contains elements of mystery, suspense, paranormal themes, mild power exchange, and sensual scenes.

Available July 21st