After a tragic childhood incident, Madison Black’s life is finally stable and productive, if predictably boring. All that changes when her sister Gale goes missing. The police are no help. Her one true friend, Cade Montrose, is her rock, but if he ever knew her secret, he, too, would desert her. When Cade leaves for Alaska, men in black trench coats murder a girl across the hall from Madison, just like her nightmares predicted. Could she be next?

Cade loves Madison. When she calls him in fear for her life, Cade demands she come to him. It’s obvious she is exhausted from lack of self-care, frightened, and keeping secrets; three things an Alpha does not tolerate. Luke Alexander can’t believe how his body reacts to the human, Maddie. How could he and Cade be attracted to a human? Madison is in trouble without any hope if they can’t figure out the key to her survival.

Suddenly, things begin to fall into place and unravel at the same time. A prominent shifter female is missing. Secrets are revealed, roles change, lives are at stake, and the elders have only part of the solution. It will be up to Cade, Luke, and Maddie to figure out the key to correct the imbalance in their world before they lose their one chance at happiness. 

This is book two in the Alphas in the Wild series but can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary ménage shifter romance contains elements of danger, mystery, suspense, adventure, fantasy, paranormal elements, and power exchange.

Available April 8th