Available June 14th

All Willa needs is her rifle. All Shamus needs is Willa.

After her older brother dies, Willa Freeman finds herself alone on the Colorado frontier, trying to make a homestead from her grief. The townsmen are interested in the beautiful woman even though they think she’s a bit erratic. Willa wants nothing to do with them and, with rifle in hand, chases them all away. However, the new trapper in town, the ruggedly handsome Shamus Harding, takes it upon himself to correct her bad behavior – as she is a threat to herself and her new community.

After Willa shoots at a smarmy suitor, she must confront an angry town and a meddling doctor, all of which leads her to a place over Shamus Harding’s knee at the mercy of his strong, stern hands. She must learn to navigate her newfound desire for Shamus despite the frontier gossip regarding her blooming romance with the trapper.

Is Willa strong enough to live on her own and away from town? Is Shamus able to control her behavior, and keep her safe from herself and the townspeople? Are they strong enough together to forge a new beginning?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy Old West romance contains elements of action, adventure, and power exchange.