Treat yourself to eight dominant, rugged cowboys pairing up with a woman running from trouble in this collection of all seven Cowboy Doms titles. They are as demanding as they are protective as each one succumbs to the one woman he can’t walk away from. Suspense, angst and romance all wrapped up in a neat package, each ending with a breathless HEA that will keep you coming back for more.

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Those big eyes rounded even more when she stood to face him, her red head tilting back to gaze up without flinching. Hell, he had to admire her for that.

“Sorry.” Her small shrug signaled she wasn’t too sorry, and he found himself fighting back an urge to smile. “I’m lost, and this is the first place I came to. Your front door is locked.”

The accusation in her tone erased the brief flare of humor. “For good reason. Like I said, this is private property, and this,” he waved toward the barn, “is a private club.”

In the dim, outdoor lighting, he barely caught the quirk of her soft lips. “I noticed,” she drawled.

“Most people,” he stated, clasping her elbow and steering her toward the front, “would be shocked and apologize, and wouldn’t take the time to stare in the window.”

“I don’t know what you’re so peeved about,” she returned calmly. “From what I saw, nobody inside minded an audience, including you.”