Polly Duffy loves riding more than anything. In 1916, at fourteen, she enters a steer riding contest at the local county fair and wins, never looking back. She becomes addicted to the thrill of the ride: relay races, bronc busting, and steer riding.

Polly’s riding skills bring her to the attention of Texas Jack, a Wild West show promoter. She joins his traveling show in 1920, and meets champion steer wrestler and bronc rider Buck Delmar.

She and Buck join the rodeo circuit where she thrills the audience with her death defying stunts. The hardest, most dangerous tricks earn the most prize money. The excitement and the money grow, but she risks reputation and virtue – and her very life – in pursuit of ever more dangerous thrills.
Can Buck help her achieve her dreams, and keep her safe, with his loving guidance and discipline?

Publisher’s Note: This sweet, spirited romantic Western contains elements of domestic discipline and explicit love scenes.

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The genesis of an idea.

As Sterling Scott and I were finishing up our second collaboration, “Love Under the Violet Crown”, he said our next effort should be my idea. And, he suggested a western. Nothing came to mind, so I put this thought out of my head, and went on vacation to the Oregon coast.

Visiting a state park, my husband and I stopped in their small gift shop. I perused their book offerings, and found a series of books which highlighted different characters from the Wild West of old. Intrigued, I bought a couple of these books, which I soon discovered were written by a western author who lives within twenty miles of our Oregon home. He had written a short biography of a trick riding rodeo queen, and this caught my eye. I thought, what a fascinating life she must have led. Thus, the idea for “Cowgirl Thrill Rider” was born.

While the story Sterling and I have woven is fiction, many elements have some basis in fact. This book is peppered with aspects of real life in the 1920’s and 30’s. Our heroine Polly, and this story, was inspired by several real-life cowgirls, Wild West show performers, and rodeo queens.

I learned that cowgirls wanted to be treated as equals to cowboys – not because they wanted to change the world, but because they believed they should have the freedom to live the western lifestyle the same as any man. These ladies were not afraid to step up to the challenge and take charge of a situation. They never gave up. I was inspired by their courage.

I loved researching and writing this, and I hope you enjoy our story. ~~~ Sahalie Blue