A non-traditional tale of traditional love.

Wes has come to the gripping realization that he would rather be a lifelong bachelor than to settle for anything less than his heart’s true desire—the love of a strong woman who can be a good little girl in his arms. Having decided that his type of woman does not exist, he represses his need by spending his days working dawn to dusk on his family’s ranch.

When Garrett, his younger brother, who left the ranch for a lucrative career on Wall Street, comes home to visit, he has a new girlfriend in tow. Carrie has an innocence that Garrett’s women have never possessed. From her golden curls to her chocolate brown eyes, she is as sweet as they come. Wes is intrigued by her demeanor.

Wes discovers quickly that Carrie has a feisty side as well. When she demands to ride Mabel, his untamed horse, she doesn’t take Wes’ answer to heart. Wes threatens to take Carrie over his knee and her reply is only three little words, “Like a Daddy?” which turns Wes’ world upside down. When Carrie pushes Wes too far, the inevitable happens, and it unleashes a life-altering chain of events.

Will Wes be able to keep his feelings for Carrie to himself? Can Garrett stay true to Carrie, or will his wild ways return? Will the brothers be divided by unexpected circumstances? Will Carrie survive the ensuing turmoil? Or have their worlds indeed been turned upside down for good?

Publisher’s note: This sweet, messy love story is intended for adults only. There are some elements of mild age play language and discipline of an adult woman. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.




“You let me up right now, Wes.”

“What’s that, half pint? I can’t hear you from up here.” Wes enjoyed the view of her denim clad bottom balancing over his knees.

Whack! His hand came down hard on her bottom, and she jumped in the air. He readjusted his hold on her and slapped her bottom again, just as hard on the other cheek.


“Now I can hear you.” He spanked her again, in the same spot, on both sides. “Now that I have your full attention, we need to have a little chat.” Carrie was wriggling back and forth, but his hold was strong, and she had to keep her hands on the ground to keep herself balanced.

Wes spanked the roundest part of her bottom, alternating side to side.

“You not only put yourself in danger, but my horse and me as well.” He peppered her bottom with smacks as he spoke. “And in the cowboy’s handbook, that is a serious offense.”

He moved on to the delicate place where her thighs met her bottom. His hand came down each time with a satisfying, slap. It was music to his ears.

“Stop, stop. I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Carrie sounded close to tears.

Continuing to give each sit spot his close attention, he said, “When you are unable to sit down on our wooden kitchen chairs tomorrow, I want your mind on who is in charge at this ranch.

And who is that, Carrie girl?”

“You are, sir. You are. Ouch!” Carrie began sobbing. Her body stopped the struggle, and she laid limp over his lap. He knew he had her full submission. He gave her a few more, softer whacks, then crossed his legs under the short stool, pulling her up and into his lap.

He wrapped his arms tightly around her, the gesture came to him so naturally as if he did this every day. His heart swelled when she nuzzled her cheek into his neck. She was curled up against him, and she fit like a puzzle piece.

Carrie wiped the tears from her eyes with the back of her hand, her sniffles subsiding. “I’m sorry, Wes. I was so terrified. I shouldn’t have tried to take Mabel. I don’t know what I would do if anyone had gotten hurt.” She cried quietly.

Wes rubbed her back, shushing her as he did. “It’s okay. It’s all okay.”

They sat comfortably, him surrounding her with his warmth. It felt like they had been together in this way a thousand times before. Wes rested his chin on the top of her head, tightening his grip on her. “Carrie girl?”

She snuggled in tighter as her form of reply, then added, “Mmmhmmm?”

“What are we going to do?”

She looked up at him, her eyes shining like glass. Her bottom lip quivered a bit as she said,

“I don’t know.”

“You like that I’m protective of you, don’t you?”

She settled back down against his chest, her face back in the crook of his neck. She gave a small nod. Her finger lightly traced the outline of his flannel shirt against his skin.

“You like spending time with me?”

Another little nod.

“And you like having a daddy around, don’t you?”

This time the nod was emphatic and lasted longer than the other two put together. Wes felt

Carrie’s fingers tighten around the fabric of his shirt.

Giving a soft chuckle, Wes tentatively reached his hand up to stroke the soft curls, “I feel like I’ve known you forever.” Her response was a little sigh. He continued to caress her hair, her back, and her arms, lightly. He knew his time to hold her was running out. Soon, he needed to put her back where she belonged, in the arms of his brother.


Shanna Handel lives in the South, where men still hold doors open, and people call her ma’am. Shanna and her soulmate are raising many their many children in an old farmhouse that they are endlessly fixing up. Her ideal evening is hanging out catching fireflies and rocking on the porch with music playing and good food being served up.

Shanna is a hopeless romantic with a great love story of her own and frequently lost in her imagination. Her end goal is to create a happy, peaceful home that feels like a throwback to a simpler time where her family and friends can visit.

Shanna tries to bring that feeling into her books, with hopes of transporting you to another place where you can rest for awhile in a good romance.