When Daddy takes her in hand, his Little accepts Daddy knows best. But when evil threatens to tear them apart, his Little decides she knows best.

With her life spiraling out of control, casting agent, Missy Simpson, gets sufficiently drunk at a Christmas in July party to ask Santa for a Daddy for Christmas. Her first surprise is how quickly her wish is granted, her second surprise is who it is who demands she call him Daddy, and her third surprise is his strict decree: he will bathe her, dress her, cuddle her when she is good, and spank her bare bottom when she is naughty, but there will be no sex and no romance.

As her Daddy takes her in hand, Missy falls hopelessly in love, and when she learns more about him, she understands the tragedy, heartbreak and fear behind his decree. But when he decides their relationship must end because he has fallen in love with her and she is no longer safe, she must try to find a way to change his mind. That means breaking his strictest rule and putting her life in danger. Can she uncover the truth behind the string of tragedies? Can she survive the evil that wants her dead? And will Daddy and his Little girl have their loving happy ever after?

This is book three in the Claimed by Daddy series and can be enjoyed independently.
Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of action, adventure, sensual themes, mystery, suspense, danger, age-play, and power exchange. If any of these offend you please do not purchase.

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Feeling as though she were falling through his eyes into his soul, Missy sucked in her breath, a tiny nervous laugh escaping as, with his eyes still fixed to hers, his hands squeezed her shoulders tighter and he lifted her up towards him. She saw his mouth getting closer. The clock stopped ticking, all sounds and movement ceased as his lips brushed across hers so lightly she moaned in protest at the exquisite torment, her own lips reaching out to him. He raised his head slightly allowing his gaze to rove distractedly over her face, connecting with her eyes and then homing in on her mouth as, with the growl of a cornered animal, he pulled her tighter. His lips again brushed hers, then opened wide and, engulfing her, he claimed her mouth in their first deep kiss. Forcing her lips wider, his tongue pushed into her mouth, exploring, tasting, and taking possession.

Missy moaned, her knees buckling as her whole being surrendered to his demands. Supporting her with his arm around her waist, he manoeuvred her backwards until she collapsed on the bed.

His mouth still locked with hers, he slipped his hand under her skirt and pulled on her panties until he’d dragged them down and over one foot. Missy cried out against his mouth as his hand slid back up her leg and closed over the heart of her desire. As he rubbed and squeezed, sending lightning flashes of sensation coursing through her, he kissed the bare skin on her chest and then nipped her hard, outlined nipple through her new dress. Her head jerked back, and she moaned as she parted her thighs to allow him full access.

“Oh, baby,” he muttered against her breast as he slid one finger into her hot tunnel and felt the extent of her readiness. “You’re so wet.”

Missy cupped her hand against his groin. “And you’re so hard, Daddy. Please.”

He kissed her again. “Please, what, baby?” he murmured against her mouth. She moaned desperately as his hand disappeared from under her skirt, but she felt him wriggling as he sucked her lips, his hot breath coming in gasps. He pushed his jeans down, and his rock-hard erection sprang out ready for action.

Missy looked down, licked her hand leaving a small pool of slippery saliva on her palm, then wrapped her hand around his shaft and squeezing it, slid her hand back and forth along it.

“Are you going to put it in me, Daddy? Please,” she begged.

He groaned. “I want to, beautiful. I really do, but we can’t. I don’t have a condom, but you touching me is enough.”

“Yes, we can,” Missy said urgently, letting go of him and sliding far enough up the bed to reach the drawer in her bedside table. Opening it, she took out a small packet and handed it to him.

He grinned at her, one eyebrow raised, then ripped it open with his teeth, pulled the sheath out, and slipped it over his erection.

As soon as it was on, Missy slid further under him, and spread her legs so he was nestled between her thighs. Moving over her, he slipped his hand down to make sure she was open for him, guiding his tip to her waiting entrance, while she looped her hands around his neck, and arched her hips up.

He raised his top half so she had to release her arms, then grabbed her hands, pinned them above her head, and growled deep in his throat. “Look at me.” With a triumphant smile and a cry of victory, the instant his wild eyes locked with hers, he thrust his hips forward, impaling her and making her his. He plunged hard and deep, over and over, forcing her knees up and apart until she was pinned and helpless beneath him.

Powerless against the primal need driving him, Missy surrendered, offering no resistance as he took her without mercy, the act of submission snapping something in her brain. From a distant place, she heard herself moaning and crying, felt her body catch alight and the fuse of her desire burn hotter and faster until she shook with a shuddering paroxysm of pleasure. A cry burst from her throat, inflaming Charlie who, with two more bruising lunges into her depths, came to a shuddering halt, his face distorted by his own ecstasy.

Spent, Charlie slipped out, flopping beside her and gathering her into his arms, hushing her whimpers of loss. As their breathing subsided, drained and exhausted they fell asleep still clinging to each other.

In the early hours, they awakened, and after weeks of deprivation, their mouths found each other in a dark so deep their open eyes saw nothing. But not even a glimmer of light was needed as their hands drew maps of every hard and soft contour of their bodies, their nostrils inhaled the heady aromas of mutual passion, and their mouths alternated between sucking in their lover’s flavour and whispering endearments.

This time, their love-making was detailed and unhurried, but Missy sensed a different kind of intensity, and when it was over he held her with a sense of despair that terrified her.

“What, Daddy?” she pleaded.

“Oh, my precious, precious girl,” he moaned, adjusting his arms so she was even more tightly enveloped. “I prayed this day wouldn’t come. I’ve tried to resist, but I can’t anymore. I told myself I could keep you at arm’s length, that it would be fun—for both of us—and that we wouldn’t fall in love. I was a fool. Worse, I think I was lying to myself all along. I wanted you before I met you.

Missy obeyed, her face blushing as red as her bottom would soon be knowing all her hidden places were on show, and the man standing behind could clearly see her how wet and swollen she was.

“Tilt forward a little more, please, Missy,” he ordered, his voice gruff. “I want your bottom as high as you can get it.”

Missy edged a bit further over the table, opening herself even more to his gaze.

“Count, please,” he said, placing one hand on her back, and crisply swatting her waiting bottom with the other. “From three.”

“Three,” she yelped. “Four,” she added with a grunt as he smacked her other cheek. “Five. Six. Ow. Daddy.” She wriggled, but extra pressure from his hand as he held her in place stopped her moving far.

“Keep still if you don’t want me to add a few extras,” he warned.

“Sorry, Daddy. No more, please.”

Missy was gulping and breathing noisily as Charlie rubbed her pink bottom until she calmed.

“We will be finished soon. Four with the paddle first. Two each side. They will be fast, and you are not to move until I’m finished. Understand?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she whimpered.

“Very well. Are you ready?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

As good as his word, he cracked the paddle down onto her bottom in quick succession causing her to squeal loudly from the burning sting it immediately created. Still with his hand holding her in place, he lay the paddle on the table and rubbed her inflamed bottom.

“Good girl. It’s over now.”

The sting caused by the paddle had been immediate but not lasting and, as it subsided, all Missy was aware of was Charlie’s big hand now pleasuring, not punishing, her bottom, his fingers going tantalisingly close to her gushing tunnel. She closed her eyes, silently begging him to plunge them in, and wriggling her bottom whenever he moved them away. She didn’t want him to stop. Her body was aching with arousal. She hadn’t been with a man for months, and hadn’t wanted to until Charlie had come into her life. Now she was on fire for him, and his no sex/no romance rule was driving her crazy.

“Please, Daddy,” she begged, scarcely realising she’d said it out loud. His hand stopped.

“Come here, baby,” he said thickly, taking her hand and pulling her onto his knee as he sat down. “Have you been playing with boys without telling Daddy?”


“It’s okay, little girl. Daddy has never forbidden you, has he?”

“No,” Missy agreed. “But I don’t want to.”

Charlie rubbed his chin gently against her head and tightened his arms. “I don’t want you to either, precious. I hate the thought of anyone but me touching my precious girl.”

“No-one else will, Daddy. Promise.” She took a deep breath. This was her chance. “But…”

“But what?”

Missy didn’t know how to say in words what she wanted, so she wriggled her bottom in his lap, moaning as awareness of the rock-hard bulge beneath her heightened her desire. Charlie slid one hand down onto her thigh, traced along the edge of her sock then moved up to the hem of her short skirt, tracing along the edge of that. Her panties lay discarded by the table, her will to refuse him anything he asked of her keeping them company. Her chest was so tight, she could scarcely breathe, waiting, desperately hoping, to see what he would do next.

“Is this little girl down here feeling neglected?” he asked in a gravelly voice as one finger tipped under her skirt and, oh so gently, touched her curls.

A shudder rocked Missy’s body at that first contact. She nodded, not to be disobedient but because her mouth was refusing to work.

“Maybe it’s time to relax Daddy’s rule about sex. I’m not taking proper care of you if any part of you is feeling neglected, am I? Would you like Daddy to help you relieve all that tension, precious girl?”

Missy nodded, her breath quickening and dampness appearing on her forehead.

“Say it for me,” he ordered.

“Yes, please, Daddy,” she squeaked.

“Open your legs a little bit then.” He pushed against her thigh to move it. When she’d parted them, he caressed one with his finger as it moved up, dipping into the pool of slippery liquid on its way past and then sliding gently up her slit.

Gasping at his touch, Missy slid down so her limp body was sprawled on his lap, her head resting in the crook of his shoulder, her legs open as wide as possible, her hips tilted up to permit easier access. Charlie’s free arm was around her, cradling and supporting her as she lapsed into sensuous abandonment. His finger traced every part of her aching, hot flesh, periodically dipping into her pot then spreading her slippery slick until she was so wet she could hear it squelching.

“You feel so good, baby,” he murmured. “Do you like me touching you here?”

Missy’s head had begun to move from side to side and she was emitting small groans of pleasure. “Yes, Daddy,” she said breathlessly. “Please, Daddy.”

“I like touching you here,” he said, slipping his finger half into her, then withdrawing it and sliding it up to her clitoris. She flinched at the pressure on her sensitive bud, then moaned and rocked against his hand. “You are so beautiful, baby. Do you know that?” he crooned as his fingers gently massaged her hardening nub. “Now I want you to come for Daddy. Will you do that?”

“Yes,” she whispered, feeling the tension in her body increasing to the breaking point.

His finger moved faster, periodically plunging into her vagina for more lubricant, then back to rub up and down. Missy’s body was rigid with need, her feet pressing on the floor to push her hips further up to him, her belly aching from an increasingly unbearable pressure.

“Now, baby. Let go,” he said, and her obedience was instantaneous. A loud cry was pushed from the very depth of her being as the tension rose up and broke into shards of rippling pleasure. Immediately, realising her clitoris was now too sensitive to be touched, he moved his hand down and slipped a finger into her so he could feel the muscles in her vagina contracting and releasing. He bent his head to bury it against her, and held her as close to him as he could until her breathing had slowed and her body relaxed.