He wants a Little, she wants a Daddy but that’s not as easy as it sounds…

From the moment billionaire Marcus Holding meets Pearl Sinclair in Mon Addi, the upmarket jewellery store where she works as a retail assistant, he knows he’s found the Little he’s been searching for. He’s determined to claim her and be her Daddy, but does Pearl, the sweet, inexperienced country girl, even know she is a Little?

Pearl can’t believe a man as gorgeous as Marcus Holding could possibly be interested in a completely inexperienced, unsophisticated, penniless country girl like her, but from the moment she looks into his blue eyes she is smitten. She just wants to curl up on his lap and call him Daddy, but how will he feel about that? And even if Daddy can claim his Little, are their backgrounds too different for them to ever be together especially when ruthless forces are determined to tear them apart?

This is the first book in the Claimed by Daddy series and can be enjoyed independently with a guaranteed Happily Ever After.

Publisher’s Note: This sweet, contemporary, star-crossed lovers, D/lg romance includes elements of power exchange, sensual scenes, mild age-play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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His hands reached under her, cupping her bottom and holding it up slightly off the bed so he could better reach his target. Then his tongue withdrew from her hot, wet channel, flattened and pressed its way up, pushing her apart until its very tip reached the tiny ball of pleasure nerves hiding under its hood.

Pearl’s eyes popped open and her body went rigid at that first contact, and she felt Marcus immediately halt his gentle assault until she settled. Then he began again, slowly. This time Pearl didn’t pull away, but exhaled deeply with a low moan as voluptuous sensations she’d not felt before began to flood her body. Her breathing quickened as a deep hot ache ignited in her lowest depths and began to radiate out in waves. Her fists clenched and her hips began to involuntarily rise and fall to meet the pressure from his mouth. Her head began to roll from side to side as though she were trying to escape the exquisite torment. She was gasping for breath, her body was rigid, and she sensed a presence moving toward her, getting bigger, rising up and threatening to swallow her. She was slipping away, losing control, and that thing, that presence was getting ever nearer. She gasped and grabbed for Marcus as that thing arrived, swamping her, rushing through her body in a flood of warm liquid tingling.

She cried out as her muscles contracted in spasms and her clitoris switched suddenly from being a centre of pleasure to one of pain. There was no need for barlese; Marcus immediately stopped touching it and kissed her inner thighs before moving up the bed to her. Her body was so sensitive in the aftermath, she didn’t want to be touched for the moment. She just wanted to surrender to the loveliness inhabiting every part of her. As her breathing slowed, she felt the sensuous bliss receding and her body returning to normal. Keeping her eyes tightly shut, she fought hard to make it stay longer, but when she accepted defeat, she opened her eyes to find Marcus gazing adoringly down on her. He bent and kissed her lips and she could smell and taste herself on his mouth.

“How are you, little girl?” he asked tenderly. “Was that nice?”

Pearl took in a long deep breath and then exhaled it in a big slow sigh. “Oh, yes. It was strange but wonderful. I had no idea I could do that.”

“Well, beautiful,” Marcus said, gently tapping the end of her nose with his finger, “I’m available to do it for you anytime you want.”

Pearl stretched luxuriously and smiled. “I think I’d like it all the time.”