A woman on the run. A doctor in distress. Can they save each other?

Four innocent lives, devastated by violence and loss, randomly cross after an unimaginably cruel act leaves her teetering on the brink of madness.

Dr. Gavin Minchin is on two weeks compassionate leave from the Metro Dora Hospital Emergency Room, after a tragedy leaves him reeling. His plan to recuperate at his friend’s beach-side shack for a few days is disrupted when he finds a woman on the side of the road. Taking her with him, and unable to rouse her, he has to administer the most intimate of first aid. When she finally wakes, she has no memory of the preceding hours.

Unable to resist the attraction of this mysterious, brash, yet fragile and vulnerable woman with whom he has an immediate, deeply emotional and sexual connection, Gavin is convinced that he can find his own healing through helping her solve her mystery. As the shocking truth is revealed, Gavin claims her as his precious patient and vows to protect her, but the evil working against them might yet prove too strong even for Doctor Daddy.

This is book two in the Claimed by Daddy series and can be enjoyed independently.

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He put his hand on her forehead. “You do feel a bit warm.” He fetched his bag from the adjoining room, put it on the chair next to the bed, opened it and took out the thermometer. “Open your mouth.” She shook her head, clamped her jaw and pointed to her bottom. “Are you saying I should take it rectally?”

She put her hands protectively in front of her face and spoke through clenched teeth. “I’m afraid of putting glass in my mouth.”

“Is that true?”

“Yes. Honest.”

“Okay, take your panties down?”

She moved her hands from her face. “You do it.”

He sighed and regarded her suspiciously. “You’d better not be messing with me.”


Taking hold of her panties, he pulled them down and over one foot. “Or I’ll tan your backside. Lie on your side.”

As she got herself into position, he put on gloves, and put some gel on his finger and then on the thermometer. “Ready?”

As he parted her cheeks and applied the gel, she sucked a breath in through her teeth as a tremor ran through her body.

“Relax.” She exhaled, but her muscles tightened automatically in response to the intrusion as he inserted the thermometer. Satisfied it was in, he removed his hand so her cheeks could close. “Okay?” She nodded, her eyelids down and her face half hidden. “Good. I’ll take your blood pressure again while we’re waiting.” He wrapped the cuff around her upper arm and turned on the digital reader. The machine hummed as it inflated the cuff and then slowly released it. “Blood pressure is fine.” He removed the cuff. “Okay, keep still while I get the thermometer.”

Watching him, she reached behind with one hand to pull her cheeks apart and raised her bottom up. He pursed his lips and withdrew the thermometer.

“Perfectly normal.” He pulled off his gloves and packed away his instruments.

“Are you sure? Maybe you didn’t leave it in long enough. Maybe you should try again.” She pushed her bottom towards him.

“Or maybe I should make good on my promise to warm your bottom.”

Rolling her from the side of the bed, he sat down, swivelled her around and across his lap and started spanking her conveniently bare bottom hard and fast. “That was a complete put on. You pretended to feel unwell to get me to play doctor with you, didn’t you?”

“Ow. No, I…”

But he spanked her harder. “Don’t lie to me.”

She squealed and kicked her feet in the air. “Oh, ow. All right. All right. I did.” Her body contorted, arching and writhing in its effort to avoid the flurry of stinging blows raining down on both cheeks. “I’m sorry. I won’t do it again. Ow. Please stop.”

He did stop, but instead of letting her up, tipped her further forward, and with one arm across her back holding her in place, he reached over and picked up the jar of gel, opened it and dipped his finger in. “Spread your legs.” She obeyed. He parted her cheeks and pressed his finger against the hidden entrance, hearing her sigh and feeling all resistance drain from her as he pushed his finger in then slowly withdrew it before pressing it back in.

“You like having your little rose penetrated, don’t you, baby?”

His breathing was ragged and he could feel beads of perspiration forming on his upper lip. One trickled down the side of his face from his temple as he watched his finger moving in and out and her hips rising and falling in concert. His whole face flushed and damp with perspiration and his breathing hard and fast, he withdrew his finger all the way, lifted her off his lap so she was standing, stood up himself, pulled her into the bathroom and lowered the toilet seat cover.

“Bend over.”