Congrats to Polly Carter for ranking in the Top 100 in Medical Romance and Fiction Urban Life with Daddy’s Precious Patient!

A woman on the run. A doctor in distress. Can they save each other?

Four innocent lives, devastated by violence and loss, randomly cross after an unimaginably cruel act leaves her teetering on the brink of madness.

Dr. Gavin Minchin is on two weeks compassionate leave from the Metro Dora Hospital Emergency Room, after a tragedy leaves him reeling. His plan to recuperate at his friend’s beach-side shack for a few days is disrupted when he finds a woman on the side of the road. Taking her with him, and unable to rouse her, he has to administer the most intimate of first aid. When she finally wakes, she has no memory of the preceding hours.

Unable to resist the attraction of this mysterious, brash, yet fragile and vulnerable woman with whom he has an immediate, deeply emotional and sexual connection, Gavin is convinced that he can find his own healing through helping her solve her mystery. As the shocking truth is revealed, Gavin claims her as his precious patient and vows to protect her, but the evil working against them might yet prove too strong even for Doctor Daddy.

This is book two in the Claimed by Daddy series and can be enjoyed independently.