The handsome dominant Scottish Billionaire, Chase Barclay cannot be satisfied with the love and submission of merely one woman. He requires more.

He decides to build a harem of beautiful Princesses to love and dominate who will reside at his family seat, the picturesque, fairy tale, Castle Balvar on an Island in the Highlands of Scotland. But the women he chooses for his harem are not ordinary, they all have turbulent pasts that have shaped their stubborn wilful characters and will not surrender to his rule so easily providing him with the needed challenge and sport he desires.

But there is more to his harem than the outside world knows. The women are also special in that they have been hurt by his cruel sadistic father. Chase seeks to provide them with love and protection before the man decides to kill them for his sport just as he did his wife years ago. Determined to thwart the Duke and finally be able to bring him to justice for his mother’s murder, Chase fiercely protects his beautiful Princesses whilst guiding them into submission with firm over the knee discipline.

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As Chase Barclay, the Marquess, and only son and child of the Duke of Drumancree, Angus Barclay, I could have any woman I wanted. But I was discerning in my choice. I had very specific requirements, and unfortunately, the women I chose to love, adore, and protect within my world were not always freely available to take. Still, that never stopped me. I had always known I could never love just one woman. My needs were too great for just one. But the women I chose to love would not simply be cast aside for another. I wanted to love them all together. My inclination to spend my time alone engaging in sport sex was no longer satisfying. I wanted a family. A harem would be the antiquated way of looking at it, yet it meant so much more to me.

The relationship I would possess with each woman would be based on equal give and take. I would not hold back any part of myself, nor would I expect her to. The women I collected for my harem would be the perfect submissives, but not without challenge or fight. I wanted strong women to dominate, not weak ones, princesses I could keep under lock and key, safe in my ancestral home, Castle Balvar on the Isle of Balvar on the West Coast of Scotland. Under my dominance, they would receive my unconditional love and protection, and my never-ending worship.

The first princess to capture was close to home, and I had to be patient and wait for the right time to take her from the cruel man that threatened her life.

Chapter One: the Duchess of Drumancree

The moment I saw her, I knew I had to have her. I didn’t just desire her like an object to worship until I tired of her like he did; I wanted to possess her, to entwine her with my soul and never let her go. Those haunted blue eyes held so much pain and fragility. She provoked every protective instinct in my body, something I had never ever felt with a woman I’d desired, nor had I ever cared to. There was fifteen years’ difference between us, but I wasn’t crazy, deluded, or infatuated. I was in love with my new stepmother, and nothing was going to stop me from taking her from my cruel, sadistic father. I wouldn’t allow the past to repeat. Alexandra deserved better. She deserved me and all I could give her.

My father brought her home like some kind of trophy one night. Mum had been dead for eighteen years, but my father hadn’t been without another woman before or after her death. My father was a selfish prat who did things his way and wanted the world to revolve around him.

Alexandra Taylor was divorced and had a daughter at university. The woman was beautiful and exuded elegance. Hardly my father’s type. She was too good for him. She had pale blonde hair just sitting lightly curled on her shoulders and sea blue eyes that drew you in and captured your soul. And thankfully, she was small and curved with a decent amount of flesh on her, not like those skin-and-bones blondes the world was littered with. Alexandra was a delicate creature, always glamorously turned-out, intelligent as University Lecturer in Philosophy & Ethics, and an author, loving and caring. But on occasions, we would be treated to a display of her temper. She was a feisty little thing when provoked, and it was one hell of a turn-on. Now, I knew why my father had chosen her. She was perfect for him to break, just as he had my mother. She was everything I wanted in a woman. It would be an unbound pleasure to bring her to her knees, to rule her as a Dominant and tame her in my bed, and make her the first addition to my beautiful princess harem.

I was working with my father in his office tower in London Docklands while we resided at the London home. He planned for me to take over running his energy company and other ventures one day, but in truth, I was already controlling them on his behalf. He spent so little time at the office now, content to play golf, drink, and play around with women.

I kept my feelings hidden when he married Alexandra twelve months after she and her daughter took residence in the townhouse. She became the eighteenth Duchess of Drumancree. But her daughter Olivia was to have suspicions about my feelings. She said I always seemed to be around her mother and watching her with a funny look on my face. Her words made me chuckle. She was probably right in her assertion. Olivia was too clever for her own good. I think it was the wedding photographs that gave me away. It was the way I was gazing at her gorgeous mother in her close-fitting wedding dress. I explained it away as a small crush I’d had on her when we first met, but now it was over. I even found myself a blonde Barbie girlfriend and made her my fiancée just to convince her I wasn’t in love with her mother. But then, the girl resembled Alexandra too much, and my annoying younger stepsister refused to be convinced. I decided to ignore her and left her to think what she wanted. I wondered why I was continuing to keep my desire for Alexandra a secret after another year had passed and I was close to my own sham marriage.

Yes, I was willing to go through with the charade of marriage. My father insisted on me settling down and providing him with lots of grandchildren, and if I wanted to take over this company one day, I would do as I was told, and I really wanted the company. But Louise Logan, no, I didn’t want her or to have children with the woman. I wanted to have them with Alexandra and the women I chose. Girlfriends had always been plentiful. I knew my worth, and it wasn’t just on monetary terms. I was handsome, dark-haired, tall, lean and athletically muscled from running, swimming, and playing basketball. Besides being arrogant, I was also intelligent, graduating in Medicine, which had once been my first love with first-class honours, and I already knew how to run my father’s lucrative business better than he did. It wasn’t simple arrogance; it was fact. I could do anything I wanted and have any woman I wanted, and I took them when sexual need got the better of me, wherever I was.

My PA never failed to satisfy, and I spent many a lunchtime bending her over my desk and lifting her skirt, satisfied to see she wasn’t wearing any panties, just as I’d instructed. I wanted her free and available for fucking whenever I chose, which was usually before a meeting. Having rough sex and dominating my conquest before I had to command a room full of people usually calmed and prepared me for the task at hand. It amused me to think about it, but I needed it every time. I wouldn’t have if I were with Alexandra. Just thinking about her in my bed would be more than enough.

Bent over my desk, Gemma would find herself receiving a spanking for some misdemeanour that morning. Sometimes, I fabricated it; other times, it was real. She loved to be spanked and chastised. It certainly made her more efficient at her job. I just love the way female flesh quivers under a hard male slap, and her delicate pink vulva becomes so wet. Often, she would be sobbing by the time I tanned the backs of her tender thighs, and soaking wet. If she wasn’t, I would reach forward and spank her pussy until it produced the desired result and she was ready for me. Then I would take out my cock, stab it into her channel, and ride her. It sounds callous, but that was the way we both wanted it. If truth be known, we were both using each other, and our pleasure was mutual. But it wasn’t enough with my fiancée.

Louise was empty, cold, and barren. More functional than loving. She was the daughter of a media mogul, and both our fathers were keen for the union. She was more interested in shopping and, no doubt, the men who doted on her. We saw it as a business arrangement, nothing more, really. We had sex to keep up appearances, and it was a cold, loveless fuck every time. She didn’t want to experiment or take time, and she always relied on her penchant for having a headache when she mistakenly believed I wanted sex with her. When we married, it would be business as usual with the other women in my life.

I’d been wondering how long it would take before the honeymoon period ended for Alexandra and my father. I genuinely believed she loved him at first, but it was inevitable it would die when she discovered his true character. The day she realised he was the monster I had always known him to be would eventually come. I just had to be patient and wait.

The day it did come, I made sure I was ready. The crescendo had been building for a while after he’d revealed his controlling nature with money and the things she did, and she’d felt the heaviness of his hand across her face. This was nothing compared to the public rows and the way he dragged her out of the shops to berate her. She wasn’t even spending his money. It was her own, money she’d earn from her work and her savings. Fucking control freak. More than often, I would hear her crying, and I had to watch the woman’s confidence taking hit after hit. He would eventually break her like he did my mother, before he murdered her. I hadn’t been able to help my mother, but I wasn’t going to let him do it to Alexandra.

That morning, I was home. Walking upstairs to retrieve something from my room, I heard them having sex. “Sex” was more of an appropriate word. The fleeting love that had once been there between them was just about extinguished. I saw it in Alexandra’s disappointed eyes every time she looked at my father now, so you couldn’t call it lovemaking. It was functional, just as it was with me and Louise. I couldn’t help but stop and listen outside the door, wishing it was me in there with her.

My father stopped grunting, and then I heard movement. The bathroom door adjacent to the master bedroom slammed hard. He swore and started talking on his mobile. Then, I heard it. The sound of Alexandra sobbing to herself. My heart leapt. Their marriage was coming to an end, but the bastard was still manipulating her into having sex just to show how much he owned her with his money and his power. No doubt he was emotionally blackmailing her in to staying while he still fucked other women. He always liked to keep an air of stability at home for his business and his title. I was going to make it my business to free her.

I pressed my palm against the wall of the bathroom, wanting to make contact with her, to hold her and soothe the pain away. Hearing my father move towards the door, arranging to meet with one of his friends at the Carlton Hotel that night, I reluctantly moved away to my room.

Instead of going into London to the office, I decided to stay home, unwilling to leave Alexandra home alone. She might need me. I stayed in the study, praying she would just walk in, but she didn’t, and for a long time she stayed upstairs. It wasn’t until the afternoon and I had just finished making a string of calls that I decided to go and look for Alexandra to make sure she was all right. I eventually found her curled up asleep on the sofa. She’d been crying again, by the tell-tale sign of running mascara, and there was a redness to the side of her face. He’d done this.

I wanted to touch her. The compulsion burned inside me. The simple act of caressing my fingers across her cheek was dangerous, but I didn’t care. My growing love for her made me want to take chances, to betray my secret. I wanted her to know how I felt, even though it was forbidden territory. Why did it have to be? He didn’t really love her. I did, and I could make her heart sing. Uncaring if she woke or I was discovered, I slowly bent and tentatively touched her cheek. Touching her for the first time was electric, and the connection between us sparked to life. I knew then I would never be able to let her go. My fingertips lightly caressed her cheek, and I revelled in the feel of its silky softness. It was damp from her tears, and I vowed then not to let my father make her cry again.

Alexandra stirred, but I continued to stroke, daring her to open her eyes and look up into my own black ones. They would have told her everything she needed to know about my feelings. Would she reject me? But then, I heard Olivia walking towards the room. She was home for a study week. She already had suspicions, and I didn’t want her to know any more.

I pulled my fingers back, feeling the loss of intimate connection immediately. Frustrated, I gently shook Alexandra’s arm to wake her as Olivia walked into the lounge.

“I found your mum asleep. She’s been crying and doesn’t look too good. She might need to talk to you. I think she and my father have rowed. I heard them shouting earlier,” I told her in a low voice. Olivia frowned, and then looked disapprovingly at my stance over her mother as she sat up. I took a couple of steps back and let her take over moving out of the room.

When I emerged from the study a couple of hours later, it was early evening. I hadn’t been able to concentrate for thinking about her. Alexandra suddenly rushed past me in a sexy blue party dress just above the knee in bare feet, carrying a pair of shoes. She took my breath away. I stared after her as she fixed an earring in her ear. She smiled at me and gave me a quick peck on the cheek. “Hello, Chase. How was your day? Going out with Louise tonight?” she called after me.

I wasn’t going out with that cold fish. I needed a night off from that charade.” Fine. Thanks. I won’t be going out tonight. Looks like you are off out. You look stunning, if you don’t mind me saying.”

She blushed. I grinned.” Thanks, kind sir,” she joked. “I am going out with some girlfriends. A last-minute thing. Mind you get something to eat soon and don’t work right into the night.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said giving her a mock salute.

“Olivia, where are you?” she called up the stairs. “Get a move on if you want the driver to drop you off at your friend’s before he takes me. I don’t want to be late tonight. I need a night out with the girls. Come on. Right now.”

“I’m coming as fast as I can. Just be patient. Keep your hair on,” Olivia snapped.

“Don’t speak to me like that. Get a move on. Now.”

Olivia groaned and slammed her bedroom door shut. I grinned as Alexandra shook her head and sat down on a chair in the white marble hall to put on her shoes.” Sometimes, she still acts like a teenager, even though she is now twenty,” she moaned.

I stood for a moment, watching Alexandra struggle to fasten the strap of the shoe around her ankle, trying all sorts of contorted positions to see better and manage the feat. I chuckled and walked over ready to offer my assistance.” Do you want some help with those?” I inquired innocently.

“Oh, would you mind? That would be wonderful. Thanks.”

I loosened my tie at the neck a little and walked towards her to go down on my haunches. Gently, I caught hold of the back of her bare, slender leg and lifted it. The compulsion to caress my hand along her calf was potent. Carefully, respectfully, I slid my hand down to her ankle and swept the strap around it. Randomly, I wondered what it would be like to thread a leather collar around her neck once I had made her my submissive. Putting her foot flat on the ground, I fasted the strap and turned my attention to the next one.

She was watching me intently.” Your hands are lovely and cool,” she suddenly said. I could see by the ashen colour sweeping across her face that she regretted saying it. I deliberately moved my hand up and down her calf, enjoying the caress as much as she clearly was. She gave a small pant.” I aim to please,” I said diplomatically, lowering my hand to her ankle to fasten the buckle.

As I finished, Olivia came running down the stairs with an overnight bag in her hand. She frowned at me as I patted her mother’s leg.

“All done.”

“Thank you.” She smiled nervously and stood, unable to meet Olivia’s inquisitive eyes.” See you later,” she said, walking out with Olivia.

“Have fun, both of you,” I called after them.

She wanted me. I’d seen it in her eyes. She hadn’t been able to hide it. It was time to take her.