Can a spark of hope fill the void of fear?

After suffering through an abusive marriage, a horrific experience, and divorce, Amber – though emotionally wrecked – has not forgotten the man who saved her life.

His dominance has left a permanent mark on her mind, bringing her comfort even in darkness. Special Agent Michael Alex Braden of the FBI saved her life… but that’s not the end of their time together.

When their intense romance flourishes, can Michael keep Amber safe?

Publisher’s Note: This action filled, steamy romantic suspense story contains elements of power exchange.


She knew her disappointment was visible as he took his hands and framed her face.

“And I’ll tell you something else, my adorable girl. If I allowed myself to take advantage of you now, I’d be as big a beast as your ex-husband was. It’s hard to keep from it; you have to know that.”

“I want you to,” she whispered.

He pulled her back against him, holding her tightly from behind. “And I want to. But it wouldn’t be right. I have to let you heal, at least some, from all the pain he gave you. I need to feel that you trust in me—”

“I do trust in you—”

“No, listen to me. You have to know what I’m capable of and what my reactions will be, and that takes time. Are you listening?”


“Shh.” He put a hand to her lips, silencing her. “You need to know what to expect of me. What happens if you squeeze the toothpaste from the wrong end? What if you forget to make the bed? What if we don’t have what we need for supper? You know what he would have done; you experienced it. But me? You don’t know me yet, little one. We have to give each other time. There are things we need to discuss.”

“All right.” She struggled against him, but to no avail. “What happens if I do squeeze the toothpaste from the wrong end?”

That’s what happens.”

She shook her curls as she tried to glare over her shoulder at him. “What?”

“You squeeze it from the wrong end. That’s what happens. That’s all that happens. Who cares which end it’s squeezed from?”

She paused, thinking. “That’s all?”

“That’s all.”

“And what if I forget to make the bed?”

This time, he turned her to face him. “I don’t make it half the time. So what?”


He rolled his eyes. “Don’t believe me? Forget it today. You’ll see.”

Her eyes danced in thought. “And what if I don’t have everything we need to make supper?”

He studied her face. “Did I say you’d have to make supper?”

“No, but—”

“Do they have food at grocery stores? Restaurants? I’ll be helping to cook. This is as much my responsibility as yours. Next question.”

Author Bio:

Tessa Carr has been writing since she was a child, and entertaining her friends with stories about them. In the back of her mind, however, always lurked stories about romance filled with mystery, and adventure. Being a Navy brat and moving frequently to new places and meeting new people brought on new stories that hovered in her mind.

The excitement of it never went away. Even today, those stories still hover. She loves writing historical, and for many years has written romantic historicals with Blushing Books Publications as Pippa Greathouse, but recently has begun the new genre of erotic contemporary mystery, suspense-thrillers that often involve the Highway Patrol, FBI and police and Sheriff’s Departments.

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