For Iver and Isabelle, the honeymoon doesn’t last. As a new threat looms on the horizon, the fragile balance the pair have worked so hard to build is about to crumble.

Isabelle’s brother, Jax, is completely in love with Lillith, but he wonders if they have what it takes for the romance to last, while Finn battles against an increasing sense of unease with his partner Francesca.

Book three revs things up in the Angels and Demons series, new love, new hopes, and new threats will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy action-packed romance contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange.

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Ugh, I wanted to stamp my foot.

He sensed my frustration and drew me back into his chest. “Don’t pout, wife. I will make sure your pleasure is beyond belief, but I have ideas for this night, and you need to allow me to lead. Do you understand?”

Mmm, a question. I could be naughty and test him, but do I want to set that tone for our wedding night? Hell yeah.


As anticipated, he pinched my nipples hard, giving me the friction I desired. I moaned in pleasure.

Instead of the chastisement I expected, instead, I heard a little laugh behind me. Confused, I twisted my head and gazed up at Iver, who was looking rather amused. “I see that I have become predictable. I will have to raise the bar.” He pushed me away and ripped my gown in two from behind. He placed his foot on the bed and hung me over his leg. My dress bunched up below my waist, where it pooled, and my naked ass was high in the air. The first blow landed, and I squealed.

He punctuated each spank with a word, as he chastised me with his voice and his hand. For the first time, Iver took me to task as his wife, and I felt every stroke. By the time he was done, I was well-punished, and my blistered backside was proof.

My bottom wasn’t the only thing on fire; the spanking had awakened me inside, and I felt like a furnace that needed stoking. Iver lifted me off his knee and placed me forward on the bed. My ass was in the air, with my drenched folds on display.