Iver becomes aware of a new plot to take down his brother-in-law, Finn. In disguise, Iver escorts Finn and his girlfriend Violet to Russia for an art opening featuring Finn’s work.

All the immortals know that Finn is considered the weakest of his siblings. Even the trip to the abyss, to save Isabelle and Jax, hasn’t changed that fact. He knows the demons are gunning for him.

Finn stands at the precipice of two doors. But only one will give him the power to save his love, Violet.

Will Finn find the strength and resolution to wear the mantle he was destined to wear and rescue his true mate?

Publisher’s Note: This paranormal fantasy contains a theme of power exchange and graphic sexual scenes. If these are offensive to you, please do not read.

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I took the ginger root, and using her juices, I inserted it into her pinkened backside. I heard a moan and walked around to see her face. I watched the transformation as the ginger root took effect. Lil began to gently sweat, her body warming to the ginger. A flush spread over her entire body, and I could see her wiggling her bottom, trying to garner relief from a bit of friction which was having the opposite effect.

I moved back behind her, and her beautiful little channel was weeping from the ginger, and whenever she squeezed, fresh juice soaked into her behind, eliciting more weeping from her velvety canal.

Leaving the ginger inserted, I grabbed Daddy’s discipline, bringing it down on her right cheek. Then I repeated the action several times on her sit spot. Getting the heat closer to her crease would add more warmth to both ends.

I repeated this process on the left cheek, and now my little girl was mewling, sobbing, and begging. She needed stimulation. I grabbed one of the toys, a tiny vibrator, and placed it against her clit, bringing the paddle across both cheeks several times. Lillith was screeching with her need to orgasm now. I knew she could no longer hold it in.