Enslaved. Captured. Imprisoned.

When society bends to the will of men, darkness beckons, hope fades, and love crumbles.

Submit to your Alpha. There is no other choice.

Publishers Note: Three Alpha heroes in this collection of four steamy, dark romance tales – The Murderess, Betrayed by Blood, Victorian Shift, and Jailed Little Jade – which contain power exchange and scenes which may trigger some readers.

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Lorelei had herself buried under the blankets, her eyes shut.

Aaron suspected she wasn’t asleep. She didn’t open her eyes, probably because she hoped he wouldn’t spank her if she wasn’t awake. The prince put the glass of water on the night table along with the tray of food.

“I know you’re still awake,” Aaron said, his voice low but steady as he rested his hand on her bottom while she lay on her stomach.

Lorelei’s eyes flashed open. “Almost asleep.”

“Good.” Aaron smiled, deciding the time was now for her to learn her lesson. He’d warned her, and she had to know what happened when she disobeyed him.

He sat at the edge of the bed. “Take off your clothes and lay across my lap.”

Lorelei shook her head no. “Aaron,” her voice hitched, “I’ve never been spanked. Please don’t.” She resorted to begging. “I swear, I’ll listen to you. Don’t make me do this.”

“You should have listened the first time, back when the bandits attacked us. I let it go because you saved our lives, but you have to trust me.”

“I do trust you, Aaron.” She sat up in bed.

“Then undress.” He wasn’t taking no for an answer. He demanded to have her over his lap, and he would get what he wanted.

She chewed at her bottom lip, and Aaron reached out, her teeth unclasping her lip as his thumb stroked the swollen red silk.

“Don’t be nervous.” He’d spanked courtesans countless times, in the palace. Lorelei had even witnessed Riley’s spanking. Had that made her even more nervous, or had it aroused her?

Slowly, she climbed off the mattress and stood in front of him. She sulked as she undressed, crossing her arms as she lifted the gown and let it hit the floor in an unceremonious thud. The red and gold colors mixed together on the wooden boards. Her fingers glazed her hips, pushing the edge of her panties down her thighs before kicking them away.

“Go easy on me,” she said as she climbed across his lap.

“What good would that do?” he asked, staring at her curves and her bottom. Without thought, he dropped his hand across her rear, for her first spanking. “I want you to learn your lesson, not enjoy the attention.”

Her hips bucked on instinct as she tried to pull away.

“Don’t fight it,” Aaron said, stroking her velvety skin before his hand came down again and again. He repeated the gesture as she squirmed and pleaded for him to stop. “Be quiet.” His warning rang through the room. If Lorelei didn’t keep her muffled cries down, Saul and Peter would hear.

Aaron felt warm, wet tears fall against his pants. His eyes scoured over every ounce of naked flesh that he could visibly see. Lorelei was absolutely beautiful, from her red bottom to her silky pink folds swelling with each swat as she grew aroused. He could smell the desire and feel his own tightening in his trousers as he spanked her.

She whimpered in protest, with each repeated swat to her bottom.

“Tell me what you did wrong.” He wanted her to learn from her mistakes.

Lorelei didn’t answer.

His hand came down again on her rear.

Her legs kicked and she fought him, trying to escape his hold on her.

“Tell me,” Aaron said, his voice stern. He wasn’t letting her off without an apology.

“I didn’t listen to you,” she said, sniffling. “I’m sorry.”

Aaron nodded, releasing his hold, and he let her stand up. “I only punish you, Lorelei, because I want you to listen to me. I wouldn’t ask you to do anything that isn’t for your own good. I’m trying to keep you safe.”

She bent down, grabbing her clothes from the floor, and began to redress.

“Be grateful we weren’t at the palace, or I’d have been forced to follow your spanking with a butt plug.”

Her eyes widened, and she swallowed the lump in her throat.

Aaron couldn’t tell if that thought aroused or frightened her. She would submit to him; he’d make sure of it.