Three couples, three very different relationships.

Can a case of mistaken identity be the beginning of something new? Jessica is surprised when her boyfriend agrees to go with her to a Halloween party, as partying is not really his thing. And she’s even more surprised when he joins her alone in a dark room for an unusually passionate encounter. No sooner does she murmur his name, than he disappears. When Jessica realizes that the man who stirred new and exciting feelings is not her boyfriend at all, she is torn between her feelings for her sweet and decent boyfriend and the passionate stranger she will likely never see again. She’s even more confused when the stranger sends flowers and an apology and then reveals himself as the new editor of the magazine where she works! This story takes Jessica through the ups and downs of a unique relationship as the new couple navigate the waters of the work environment, disappointments and delays, and a troubling mystery from the past. Will the past help solve a series of present-day crimes? Will she find the love and passion she wants and needs or continue to settle for less?

Donna has just met the perfect man! A few days later, she is disheartened to learn that he is the boyfriend of her co-worker and friend, Jessica. But Eric has broken up with Jessica to be with her. Can she pursue this new relationship now that she knows who he really is? Jessica gives the new couple her blessing, but what will happen when Eric discovers Donna’s secret desires?

Carol is a widow. She’s raised a daughter and lost the love of her life, a firefighter, who died in the line of duty. Now, his boss, Chief Henderson, is interested in her. He, too, has lost a spouse. Is it time to move on? Can she find love a second time? Will she find it with this man, whom she has known for years?

Publisher’s Note: This sweet romantic mystery contains a light theme of power exchange.

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“Are you angry with me?”

“Angry? Never, my love, but you need to calm down. I understand that you got too much sun and it’s made you tired and out of sorts, but once I turn your bottom as red as the rest of you, I think you might be in a better mood, don’t you?”

“That’s just mean!” she said as she struggled to get up.

Worth chuckled. “No, it’s not, because afterward, I’m going to rub cooling gel all over your body and let you climb into bed to rest. I’ll even make sure you have a nice glass of ice-cold sparkling water sent up.”

And then he pushed her dress up over her bottom and slid her panties down. She kicked them off the rest of the way, already looking forward to the cooling gel he’d talked about. The first smack landed, and she jumped. Damn!

Smack! Smack! Smack! One after another, she felt his hand connecting with her bare bottom, left cheek, right cheek, left, right. After about fifteen spanks, he stopped and caressed the fiery skin. By this time, Jessica was ready for it to be over. She had to admit that she was calmer, as he had predicted, but damn, her body was on fire, especially her backside. It had temporarily made her forget the sunburn, though. He pulled her into his arms and cuddled her very carefully before picking her up and carrying her to the bed. He stripped off her sundress and took the bottle of gel from the table. Then, very sensuously, he rubbed it into her skin, all over her body.

Jessica was in heaven. It felt so good. She couldn’t decide if it was his hands on her body or the gel, but she was definitely relaxed and feeling better. When Worth had finished, he helped her into a thin nightgown and helped her under the sheets. Then, as promised, he called room service and ordered several bottles of sparking water. When they arrived, he opened one bottle and poured it into a glass over ice and carried it to her.

“Drink, angel. You need to hydrate.” He went into the bathroom where his toiletry bag was and returned with some ibuprofen.

“You take such good care of me, husband,” she said sleepily,

“And I always will, wife. Now, you try to rest. I’m going to do some work while you’re asleep, then I’ll join you later.”