Robin Smith's four-part series is the subject of this month's reader-submitted review

Thanks to all who responded to our last post regarding review submissions. There were several good ones, but for December we are featuring reader Mary Ann’s review of The Adventures of Owl and Dylan by Robin Smith. Congratulations to Mary Ann, who will receive a gift certificate for twenty dollars worth of free downloads.

Mary Ann’s Review

I’d originally passed this book over several times when buying things from Blushing Books, because I thought it was about an actual owl and I don’t care for animal stories. Last week I took the time to read the synopsis ordered it out of curiosity. I’m so glad I did because this is one of the best and most erotic set of spanking stories I have ever read.


This owl is not an actual owl, but a girl named Owl Emerson. She lives in a college dorm with a bunch of hippie feminist types and the story opens with her chained to a tree. That’s where the main male character, Dylan Scoffield, finds her and from there it gets better with each turn of the page.

Dylan is a ranger, and from the time he finds Owl in the forest he’s captivated by the young woman who identifies herself as being a member of Warriors of Gaia. As someone with a healthy appreciation for nature, Dylan isn’t entirely unsympathetic to Owl’s goals, even if he does find her extreme. In fact, their differences provide some of the funniest and best-written dialogue I’ve ever read. That dialogue – combined with a solid plotline – make the characters very real to the reader. Good character development is another plus. Owl’s wide-eyed enthusiasm for Mother Earth combined with her sauciness makes her very endearing, while Dylan’s deadpan humor and no-nonsense demeanor make him a very likeable hero. You can really feel the chemistry between them, so when Owl’s activism takes a dangerous turn and Dylan holds her accountable with some very firm and believable spankings, it all seems very genuine.

This four part series is a big book, too. It took me quite awhile to get through it, which is another bonus as I prefer longer book. But the best part, to me, was the balance between eroticism and the excellent storyline.

I can’t recommend “Owl and Dylan” enough. It’s well worth the reasonable price and you’ll be reluctant to put it down once you’ve started. I want to read more by this author!