Dr Byron Gideon Ashby is world renowned for his non-traditional treatment of wayward wives at the behest of their husbands. He also has another secret, for an entirely different reason, which is he is a feared sky pirate. On a raid he happens across a woman, a gorgeous woman who immediately draws his attention and protection. When he realizes the perpetrator is the same man he believes murdered his sister, he is duty bound to rescue her.

Lady Lucinda Nicolette Whittock is stunned by her father’s actions. He intends to force her to marry a man she despises: Baron Von Arkham. A disgusting, cruel man who is looking only for a woman to bear him a son and heir, but Lucinda’s inheritance is the real draw for a man like him. Just when she thinks all is lost, her rescuer appears.

Can Dr Ashby and Lady Lucinda find happiness in their second chance at love? Can Dr Ashby keep Lucinda safe from herself and the notorious Baron Von Arkham?

Publisher’s Note: This fantasy sci-fi contains elements of danger, action, adventure, mystery, suspense, second-chance love, adult themes, medical play, sensual themes and is intended for adults only. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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“As your husband, I expect your unconditional obedience in matters of your health and safety, Lucinda,” he commanded with stern authority. He gestured with his hand. “Some of the baron’s men are out to seek revenge and harm you, not to mention your father. He is still determined to take you from me and force you into marriage with another. I will not be questioned when I am trying to protect you.”

“But I can look after myself—”

“No, you cannot. We are dealing with dangerous men, and it is my right alone to protect you. A woman should take her husband’s direction upon such a matter. If you continue to refuse to do so, you will be spending most of your time over my knee, feeling the sting of my hand across your bare bottom,” he threatened fiercely.

“I will not have you speak to me that way, sir! You do me an injustice. I can take care of myself, and I do not always require your protection. You have kept me closeted from the world since our marriage. I will not take it anymore! Stop the carriage!”

Lucinda banged on top of the carriage angrily and repeated her request, despite her husband’s efforts to stop her.

The carriage came to an abrupt halt in the moonlit forest.

“I am leaving you, sir,” Lucinda announced, hitching up her beautiful crimson evening gown as she stood to leave the carriage. She pushed at the door, but Doctor Ashby caught her arm in a firm hold and pulled her back.

“Enough, madam. You are not going anywhere, especially into the night in a wooded area. It seems you need to be corrected before we reach home. I will not bear your stubborn, haughty female behaviour any longer.”

Doctor Ashby caught hold of his wife’s small corseted waist and pulled her to him. She began to struggle and curse. He pulled her, kicking and screaming, over his knee and lifted the skirt of her gown without further ado.

He lamented when he saw the undergarments hiding her bottom from him. He was a fierce advocate of women not wearing drawers so their sex could be aired and remain healthy. He also wished to be able to access his wife’s bottom at any time or place with relative ease should she need schooling or taking.

“I have told you not to wear undergarments, madam. They are unhealthy and I wish you to be available for my taking whenever I choose. For this and your stubbornness you will feel the lash of my leather strap against your deliciously plump bare bottom,” he told her, with sudden lust in his voice.

He was yet to correct his new wife with the leather strap. All of her spanking punishments since they had met had been with his firm hand, and he had merely been waiting for a suitable opportunity to use the leather strap. Taking into consideration his bride’s feisty and stubborn nature, he knew he would not have to wait long. Doctor Ashby was looking forward to seeing her pale rump jump and blush red under its firm application by his own practiced hand.

Determined Lucinda would feel his power and her helplessness over his knee, Doctor Ashby wasted no time in tearing away the flimsy silk drawers. She bucked and writhed against his knees in an effort to stop him, but his strength rendered her efforts ineffectual. He pulled the torn material out from under her and tossed it to the floor of the carriage, feeling the caress of the dark curls of her sex against his legs. He pressed down on her back to steady her when she reared upwards, clearly enraged that she was now bare to him.

Doctor Ashby smoothed his palm over his bride’s fleshy bottom, feeling desire surge within him to dominantly school and tame her. She was his now. The woman he desired above all others and desperately wanted to love and protect with all his strength and being. Every time he touched her, he could almost feel the electricity crackle and surge between them. Reluctantly, he lifted his hand from her bottom to remove his black top hat. Then he reached into his black velvet coat’s long inside pocket and pulled out the leather punishment strap he had fashioned himself especially for over the knee spanking.

“Please, Byron! I am only seeking some freedom to—”

“It is freedom I do not dare to allow you, madam. Now accept your punishment.”

Doctor Ashby lifted his wife’s bare bottom up and repositioned her neatly over his knee, making sure her bottom was prominent before him. He raised the leather strap high and struck his bride’s defenceless bare bottom.

The flesh on her rump jumped and quivered with each strike. Lucinda screamed and cried heavy sobs. All of his strokes were firm and harsh, thrashing the most tender parts of her bottom and then moving to the back of her thighs until his message struck home.

The strap was a delight to work with. Its separated pieces of leather imprinted red lines against Lucinda’s pale skin and reddened it quickly. Eventually, enough strokes had been applied for the red lines to merge and cause a healthy stinging and burning crimson glow to her bottom, which neatly matched the beautiful gown he had been admiring her in all night.

She was still sobbing but was lying still and penitent over his knees when he finished her punishment. When he rested his hand against her bottom, heat flared up at him. He smiled. It was sufficient that she would find sitting painful for a while. He would apply a soothing balm to her burning skin which would reduce the sting a little, then put her to bed when they returned home. He only hoped her firm schooling would entreat her to stop trying his patience and obey his protective direction.

A sudden curiosity made him stroke the backs of her thighs and then her inner ones. His cock pulsed hard, demanding he take her when he felt hot feminine moisture coating them. It was thick and heavy, indicating the potency of her arousal. She was perfect for him.

Doctor Ashby slipped his fingers between her pussy lips, wanting to moan out loud with satisfaction when he settled his fingers inside the warm, damp, silky crevice. Lucinda appeared unable to help her own moan ringing out from her lips when he began to stroke her clit protectively, lovingly.

“I want you,” he told his bride in a dark velvet voice. “Right here and right now.”

Lucinda moaned again in agreement when he moved two of his fingers up inside her slick channel and began to pulse them in and out.

Doctor Ashby wanted to take his bride in a way he had not taken her yet. He had courteously been waiting to take her anally until she had healed from the poison her father had administered to control her. Every time he had taken her rectal temperature and had given her an injection in her bottom to treat her condition and the small complications it had caused for the last three months, he had envisioned how it would feel to dominate her dark crevice and ride them both to satisfaction. Now that she was healed, this was the perfect time to take her anal virginity.

Doctor Ashby removed his hand from her back, confident his bride was willing to please him with her obedience and stay still over his knee. He picked up the red velvet cushions which littered both sides of the carriage’s seats and dropped them in the middle of the carriage floor, one on top of the other. He startled his bride by lifting her up off his knees at the waist and depositing her, still with her skirt up, over the three cushions.

Forced to lie over the cushions with her knees on the floor, Lucinda’s bottom was displayed to perfection. Her buttocks burned hot and were clearly throbbing with pain. Doctor Ashby knelt down on the floor behind her and undid his breeches, allowing his hard, long cock to fall out and point at her bare red bottom and thighs. Once more, Byron slipped his fingers between her wet thighs and nipped at her clit, producing another rush of creamy moisture to flood her already drenched vagina.

Removing his heavily coated fingers, he circled and lubricated her anal entrance, gently stretching it with his finger moving in and out. Quickly he bent over her and nudged the tip of his penis against her pussy and then entered her with one strong thrust to the hilt. It was like being embedded in soft, creamy silk folds. Lucinda cried out with unexpected pleasure and moved in rhythm with his thrusts.

When Doctor Ashby was convinced his strong virile member was lubricated sufficiently, he withdrew and guided the tip of his cock to her dark puckered bottom hole. Lucinda’s cries were ones of discomfort at first as he began to push inside, and he softly hushed his wife and whispered soothing words of encouragement, stroking her arm as he bent over her back and penetrated her from behind.

When he was in deep, he hugged her back tight and began to thrust. His pace was slow and careful at first. His fingers reached forward to her pussy and began to manipulate her clit, pinching, kneading, and tugging at it.

He heard Lucinda begin to pant with need, giving him the signal he could now increase the pace of his thrusting invasion. He felt his own desire building strong and urgent as his new wife began to move her sore bottom back on top of his cock at a hurried pace. Sensing she was ready as he was, he eased himself into an upright position and gripped her hips tight, using them as reins to dominantly ride her hard and fast.

“I want you to come now, Lucinda,” he firmly instructed. “Now, madam. Now.”

Doctor Ashby raised his hand and slapped it hard down against Lucinda’s right reddened buttock. She cried out and on the third slap, she came violently. He allowed his own release to come and grunted with its overwhelming strength.