Congrats to Arabella Kingsley writing as Serena Douglas for ranking in the Top 100 and at #3 in Sci-Fi Erotica and #8 in Action & Adventure Erotica.

Dr Byron Gideon Ashby is world renowned for his non-traditional treatment of wayward wives at the behest of their husbands. He also has another secret, for an entirely different reason, which is he is a feared sky pirate. On a raid he happens across a woman, a gorgeous woman who immediately draws his attention and protection. When he realizes the perpetrator is the same man he believes murdered his sister, he is duty bound to rescue her.

Lady Lucinda Nicolette Whittock is stunned by her father’s actions. He intends to force her to marry a man she despises: Baron Von Arkham. A disgusting, cruel man who is looking only for a woman to bear him a son and heir, but Lucinda’s inheritance is the real draw for a man like him. Just when she thinks all is lost, her rescuer appears.

Can Dr Ashby and Lady Lucinda find happiness in their second chance at love? Can Dr Ashby keep Lucinda safe from herself and the notorious Baron Von Arkham?

Publisher’s Note: This fantasy sci-fi contains elements of danger, action, adventure, mystery, suspense, second-chance love, adult themes, medical play, sensual themes and is intended for adults only. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.