Dreams in the Dust by Aycee Masterson

Gabriel Walker had it all: he was the son of a wealthy New York family with a successful banking career and a wife who loved him. When that all unraveled on one terrible day, Gabe ran as far away as he could – to Amarillo, Texas, the dark heart of the Dust Bowl, hoping to start his life over where no one would ever think to look for him.
Cora Stoddard is a young farmwife, left running a farm all on her own, trying to scrape a living and a life out of the unforgiving soil. When Gabe pays her a visit and tells her that the farm is being foreclosed on, she risks losing everything she has worked so hard to keep. Before Gabe can leave, a black duster starts to howl, and he finds himself cut off, stranded miles from civilization.
With no way to communicate with the outside world, Gabe’s only companion is Cora, desperately hungry for a man’s touch again after living alone for far too long. What unfolds in that dusty little house is a most unexpected love story between two people afraid of the pain in their pasts, while simultaneously overwhelmed by the torrid nature of their encounter in the present.
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