Our top best selling Amazon titles this quarter. Congratulations to the authors!

While we love having our readers shopping at our very own and very convenient Blushing Books online store, we realize that many of you also love to shop at Amazon. That is why many Blushing Books titles are available there as well.  Blushing Books authors are selling well on Amazon.com, and we want to give kudos to our authors who had the top five best Amazon sellers this quarter. One author – Anne Randolph – has two in the top five, which is quite a feat!

Two of the books – Amanda von Stuben and After Hours, are medical BDSM stories. It would appear that playing doctor is hot. So is historical romance. Blushing Books top Amazon seller this quarter – The Great Scottish Devil – is set against the backdrop of historical Scotland, while Betrothed and Uncle Charles Girls are set in medieval and Victorian England, respectively.

Here’s the ranking, with a link to the books on Amazon for those who prefer to pick them up there.

#5 Amanda von Stuben: A Historical Medical BDSM Fantasy by Anne Randolph

#4 Betrothed by Renee Rose

#3 After Hours by Alice Liddell and Carolyn Faulkner

#2 Uncle Charles’ Girls by Anne Randolph


#1 The Great Scottish Devil by Starla Kaye

Congratulations to our amazing authors, and many thanks to our faithful readers who bought books by these and other Blushing writers.