Congrats to Yasmine Hyde for ranking in the Top 100 in American Historical Romance and being a #1 New Release.

Can she make a new life for herself by stealing a dead woman’s identity?

Elizabeth Taylor has been a handful of trouble all her life. In Boston, she usually found herself in one minor mishap after another. The night her problems got too big for her to wiggle out of with a flutter of lashes and a smile, she finds the only course of action to save herself is to hightail it out of the city. Figuring it is time to see what has her brother so taken with small town America, she heads west. By the time she arrives in Grover Town, she has a new name, a position, and a husband. But avoiding her brother’s suspicions isn’t her only issue. Keeping out from under her husband’s firm hand seems impossible. Who ever knew that a man could be so stuck on truth? As one lie after another gets unpacked, she may lose the one thing that has become important to her, her husband’s love.

Doc Martin Clarkston has lived in Grover Town all his life, except the years he left to get his medical training. With a fresh new clinic and things booming in town, he’s ready to settle down. However, he doesn’t have time for courting, so ordering himself a wife and finding one trained as a nurse is even better. When the lovely Beth arrives off the train, she isn’t what he expected. She doesn’t seem at all as she’d professed to be in her letters, dressed more like a woman expecting to receive visitors in a parlor than one ready to roll up her sleeves and treat the Mid-west’s ill. He learns quickly that spoiled and falsehoods go hand-in-hand with his wife. Educating her in all things soon becomes his main priority. And when her past catches up to her, Clarkston is prepared to fight to protect what’s his.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains mystery, graphic scenes, and a theme of power exchange.