Debauchery… darkness… despair

Passion… light… hope…

A woman is made up of many aspects of personality and Elspeth Merryweather is no exception. She is a young Victorian woman whose character has been formed out of necessity. Lifted from despair she is given hope, but a cruel twist of fate changes everything. A simple courageous act on her part leaves her with total amnesia. Remembering nothing of her previous life, she awakens with no memories of the cruelties she has previously suffered or the love she has recently found. Can Elspeth, a lost waif, survive the rigours of poverty in the harshness of Victorian London?

Turning to mudlarking as a way of survival, can she create enough strength to sustain her through desperate times? Can a strict professor make her feel alive? Using loving discipline, he brings safety to Elspeth’s troubled life, but will she have the courage to become her own person and rekindle the passion she once felt for her lost love, even though she cannot remember his name?
Can an emerald, the mystical Shiromani, help bring these star-crossed lovers back together to form the bonds that they have lost?

Vanessa Brooks brings us her new sensual Victorian melodrama, one that will enthrall you and carry you on a journey spanning the distance from India all the way to Victorian England during the 1870s. This is an epic tale that encompasses betrayal and a lasting love that knows no bounds.

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