Emily’s Emergence by Isabella Kole

Emily Crawley, a young chambermaid, has just become the luckiest maiden in all of England. Charles, Lord of Remington, heir to the duke, has made her his wife and future duchess. She is now Lady Emily, the Marchioness of Remington.
Theirs is a love story that began the day she was born, when six-year-old Charles first laid eyes on the wee red-headed babe that had been born to the family’s beloved cook and the duke’s valet. Through the many obstacles they survived to be together, it seems that their dreams have finally come true. Her husband, who would have given up all that was dear to him to have her, has made it very clear to her from the beginning that there are only a few rules she must follow, and Emily finds herself over Charles’s knees quite often when she lapses.
But war has been declared, and when Charles offers himself to his country for a secret mission and Emily is forced to take over the reins in his absence, will she be up to the task? She has learned very quickly that, along with the heated passion she shares with her new husband, also comes responsibility. Thrust into a role she was not quite ready for, will Emily’s doubts be erased as she emerges into the noblewoman she was destined to be?
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The Making of a Mistress by Jessica Brand

The lock on his chastity device clicked shut – although not cuffed hand and foot, he knew there was no escape. Although only temporarily enslaved to his loving mistress, she now owned him. What started as payment of a bet had become so much more as Nicole discovered how much she was enjoying her newfound power. While still fun and lighthearted, a darker, more serious tone was afoot as Nicole subtly consolidated her position. Having been exposed to all manner of strange and exciting experiences, she was hungry to learn more, anxious to share her new found knowledge with others.
As Nicole explored, she learned the pleasure of sharing her slave, submitting to another woman, and having another woman submit to her. With the best of both worlds, it was a heady feeling and she was determined to make the most of it.
How would Jason respond? Would he accept the fundamental shift in the dynamics? Would he learn to crave being at the feet of his loving mistress?
This is not a story for the faint of heart. It is a story of young love, exploration, lust and fetish, and it deals with powerful emotions as it twists and turns in the most unexpected of directions. While the first book of the series, The Way the Cards Fall, introduced issues that are taboo for some, The Making of a Mistress takes you on a deliciously erotic journey where those taboos, secretly craved by many, are explored in all their glory. Don’t be surprised to find yourself fantasizing about becoming Nicole, or even Britt or Jason as they grow into their complex new roles and learn the joys of dominating and submitting in a loving environment.
Chapter One  is available for  FREE
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