Hi, Georgia. Thanks for sharing today. Can you tell us about one or two of your books – I mean where should I start? What should I read first?


I have so far written seven books for Blushing. My favourite of which is probably Bittersweet Legacy; Lorette & The Wild Thyme Hotel. Quintessential Georgia Harries! (Though obviously I think they are all great!)


What was the first book you wrote?

A Debutante Tamed, set in 1920s England. The heroine, Olivia, is a really strong character. It’s a short, action packed read and I suppose formed a kind of template for the subsequent books. I like to think that Georgia Harries characters are memorable and multi dimensional.


And what inspired you to start writing?

I was a long term fan of Bethany’s Woodshed, which in turn led me to Blushing Books. The work there is really great but I couldn’t always find quite the right mix of erotica/discipline that I like to read myself (largely historical, easy on the graphic sex, heavy on the emotional and always with a classic, alpha male hero …) I thought, why not write some myself? In that sense you could say that the ultimate inspiration for me writing for Blushing Books, was Blushing itself. My daily work involves lots of writing of different forms and I have a lot of experience in writing dialogue, through my work in television, so it wasn’t such a tough ask. It’s just finding the time and the muse –  as every writer who has to keep a paid job, knows too well.


What genre do you like to read?

The odd thing is I don’t really read erotica or romance at all, other than Blushing and other similar sites. They are my wind-down, and I would not be without them. I’m an avid bookworm, but the ‘real me’ reads higher end fiction, mainly 20th century. I love all the great American and European authors, and it pretty much has to be realism every time. I also like crime, psychological novels, Gothic works and occasionally comedy/satire.


Do you have an author who influenced the way you write?

In terms of my erotic work, no. But I am working on a mainstream novel, and the genres I mention above have greatly influenced that project.


What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Be with loved ones, round a table stacked with good food and plenty of wine.


Are you a morning or evening person?

Evening, most definitely. My ideal routine is to work out in the morning, start work around midday and carry on through till there’s moonlight. I love writing in the dark, and I think it lends itself to my subject matters.


And for fun, does Prince Charming really exist?

He can be pretty damned elusive at times – but I ain’t giving up!



Check out Georgia’s lastest, Lillian Learns the Hard Way, today!

LillianLearnsTheHardWay_500x755Lillian Charteris has a head for business, and has spent years working alongside her father, Alexander, preparing to take over the family’s real estate enterprise, Charteris Inc. When her father dies suddenly, Lillian knows that she is ready. Her formidable talents are impossible to ignore.

But neither she nor her family are prepared for the reading of the will. When it leaves Lillian staggering with the knowledge that she isn’t inheriting Charteris Inc., she defiantly contests the new heir apparent, Johnny Gordons-Lamond.

Young and affluent, Johnny has continued to make his family’s business prosper at his hands, and intends to do the same with Charteris Inc. He knows what it takes to run a successful enterprise – and can see that Lillian could help him do so, if she could only be made to see so herself. Can he contend with Lillian’s fiery temper? Or will he need to take her in hand and across his knee?