Don't forget to treat yourself to something nice....

Black Friday was yesterday, which means the mall madness portion of your holiday season has just begun. Part of the fun of shopping is looking for a discount, so if you’re reading this post today, then you are in the right place at the right time.

Today we offer our first ever discount exclusively for blog readers – $10 off any order over $15 from the Blushing Books store. With the affordability and selection of Blushing Books, the only problem this may present is which ones to choose.

Taking advantage of the discount is easy. Simply select your books and then go to “View Cart” page. At the bottom of that page will be a place where you can enter your coupon code. The coupon code for this weekend special is: thanksgiving.

Please remember to enter the coupon code on the “View Cart” page before going on to enter your payment information. And be sure to enter it exactly as it is written, all lower case.

This offer is only good until midnight on Monday, November 28th, so don’t forget to take advantage of your exclusive discount before the deadline! But if you do happen to miss it, don’t fret. These blog-only offers will be a regular feature; just be sure to subscribe our RSS feed in the sidebar so you won’t miss your chance to save!