Quarantined together, will they rekindle the flame?

When Dr Callum Hargraves walks into the Emergency Department at the hospital where he works, the last person he expects to see is the woman who left him to wake up alone after the one night they had spent together almost a year earlier. But Nina Albany is sitting in the waiting room, and when they’re both exposed to COVID-19 by an infected patient, it looks like they’re going to be trapped together on the isolation ward for another two weeks.

After growing up with a doctor parent who had no time for her, Nina swore she’d never get involved with another one – that’s why she ran from Callum that morning, despite the profound connection they had. But she can’t help the attraction that draws her towards Callum like a magnet. And spending so much time isolated together, even on a hospital ward, isn’t doing anything to decrease it.

Callum has two weeks to convince Nina to explore their connection. But can he persuade her that what they have is important enough to overcome her fear?

Publisher’s Note: This second chance romance contains sexual scenes.

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“You daring me, baby?” he’d asked. “Are you trying to push me harder?”

“I would never,” Nina had said, her voice breathless.

“Good,” Callum growled against her skin. “Because if I get any fucking harder, I’m going to lose my mind.” He shoved his cock against her then, grinding against her bare skin, pressing hard against her. He was still wet from her mouth and his hardness slid against her skin, slid perilously close to the apex of her thighs.

And then, all of a sudden, he’d pulled away. She’d felt her eyes widen, worried she’d done something wrong, until she saw the raw hunger on his face.

“Roll over,” he’d demanded. “I need to see this ass that’s been driving me crazy all night.”

She’d done as he ordered, arching her back so he could see every inch of her, see the glistening pink flesh where her thighs met. His hands had come down on her skin in a punishing slap and she couldn’t help the gasp that left her at the impact or the moan that followed when the heat of it blossomed in her skin. A second blow, right over the top of the first, and she was arching back against his palms, wanting to press up against the hardness of him now, needing something to rub against her pussy. Smack. Smack. Smack. Each spank came before the heat of the last had dissipated and it stoked the fire in her higher, higher, until it was an inferno of need burning at her centre and words she hardly heard were dropping from her lips, begging words, yes and please and more. She was rocking backwards on her knees to find him behind her, rubbing her dripping pussy up against him. “Please,” she begged. “Please, I need something inside me.”

“I’ll tell you when you’ve earned that,” he’d said, and then his mouth was on her, licking up the wetness that the spanking had drawn from her, mapping her out with his tongue and lips and teeth before centring in on her clit. He circled it without an ounce of gentleness, his tongue almost brutal on her hypersensitive flesh, and then she was arching and crying with the force building in her body and…and…


The cry of protest left her mouth without conscious instruction from her brain and she turned to look back at him. Her protest died on her lips at the look on his face, his expression as savage as if he were starving for her. His fist wrapped tightly around the base of his cock, barely moving, just stroking the tiniest bit as he watched the curves of her body.

“Callum—” she managed.

“You’ll come when I say you come,” he said, his voice dark as sin. “Turn around, Nina.”

Shaking, she had done as she was told.

And then, with Nina like a sacrifice spread out before him, he did it all over again.