Charlotte and Jake keep getting thrown together. After twelve years of crushing on the hot businessman she first met as a student at university, travel journalist Charlotte is more than prepared to see how things progress, but Jake keeps getting cold feet.

When he walks away for the second time, Charlotte decides to explore the unusual lifestyle he keeps throwing up as a barrier. But because of a terrible past experience, Jake misinterprets her interest and believes she is out to scoop a news story at the expense of him and his newly acquired club.

Can she convince him of the truth or will this be the end of what was beginning to be a beautiful relationship at last?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary love story contains elements of power exchange.


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Author Interview


What shaped you into the writer you are today?


If anyone had mentioned the idea of being a writer when I was young, I probably would have laughed, and so would a lot of other people. The truth is, that when my family relocated to Wales when I was 8, I moved from a huge school in urban Buckinghamshire with classes of 45 kids, to a tiny village where there were only 30 children in the entire school and the first thing the teachers told my mother was that I could neither read nor write. Since I was the oldest child and my siblings were 4 & 5 years younger, my mother hadn’t even realised that there was a problem and my previous school certainly hadn’t picked it up. Had we not moved to Wales, I honestly believe there is a good chance that I would have grown up illiterate.

The embarrassment of realising I was different from my peers was a great motivator which fired my determination. Luckily a small school meant a lot of 1 to 1 attention and I caught up quickly. Added to that, we lived in the middle of no-where, with no close neighbours, were miles from the nearest village and we didn’t own a television and reading suddenly became a very viable pastime and since social interaction was limited, books became my friends.

I came to adore books and love to read. I think it’s quite a natural progression, when books are such a huge part of your life, to think about a life on the other side of the page.  Also, I was a bit of a dreamer, always had my head in the clouds. I started writing poetry as a teenager, not for any reason except a form of self-expression, but I kept them neatly in pretty little books, all signed and dated, and I still have them to this day. You can read some of them on my website.

So that’s where it all began. Of course, there was no thought of publishing back then, but that was the start of the writing.


What genres do you read and is it the same as what you write?


The first book I ever read was part of the ‘Lone Pine’ Series by Malcolm Saville, the books followed the adventures of a bunch of teenagers and after reading the first, I made a point of buying every Lone Pine book I could get my hands on.

Today I still love books with a dash of suspense and adventure in them, but now that I’m older, I prefer them mixed with a pinch of romance too, and a side order of kink. I would really like to write something like that in the future, but at the moment, my genre is erotic Bdsm which I have a very personal affinity with *wink!*


What are your favourite books?


When it comes to my favourite books, they are pretty diverse, but I have a definite inclination towards series. I absolutely adore The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was honestly heartbroken when I finished the last one and there were no more to read.

Another of my all-time favourites is JD Robb’s ‘In death’ series. I have every single book and have read them all several times. In fact, the hero in my first book bears a distinct resemblance to Roarke!

The two series that have had the most marked influence on my own writing are the Masters and Mercenaries series by Lexi Blake and the Rescue Me Saga by Kallypso Masters.  Theirs are the kind of books I aspire to write.


5 Fun Facts


  • I am a prolific tea drinker. That’s hot British style tea with milk. I detest coffee!
  • I love the colour purple. My bedroom is a purple boudoir and I got married in purple. A proper full length, princess style wedding dress which I made myself – in purple!
  • When it comes to spanking, I’m definitely on the receiving end *grins*
  • My husband and I have developed a little ritual where every year we look up the theme for our wedding anniversary, (copper, silk, crystal, silver etc) and then we go out and buy ourselves something distinct to that theme.
  • At least 3 times a year, the hubby and I book ourselves into a spa hotel for the weekend for a little bit of personal time – and yes, we do take a ‘toy bag’!



Author Bio


Poppy Flynn was born in Buckinghamshire, UK and moved to Wales at eight years old with parents who wanted to live the ‘self-sufficiency’ lifestyle.


Today she still lives in rural Wales and is married with six children.


Poppy’s love of reading and writing stemmed from her parents’ encouragement and the fact that they didn’t have a television in the house.


When you’re surrounded by fields, cows and sheep, no neighbours, no TV and the closest tiny village is four miles away, there’s a certain limit to your options, but with books your adventures and your horizons are endless.

Poppy x





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 Character Interview


Micah Flynn (Club manager and Psychologist) to Charlotte Chapman


Micah: Why do you want to join Club Risqué, Charlotte?

Charlotte:  I hooked up with a guy who is pretty deep in the lifestyle.

Micah: Did you scene together or visit clubs?

Charlotte: No, nothing like that. Things were pretty tame, considering the stuff he was into.

Micah: And what was he into? Was it something that appealed to you?

Charlotte: His specific kink is the single tailed whip. So, like I said, pretty hard core.

Micah: I understand why you’d think that, but in reality, the touch of a whip can be as gentle as a kiss. Unless he’s a complete sadist, of course.”

Charlotte: Umm, I don’t think so.

Micah: So, you’re interested in exploring things with this guy?

Charlotte: Oh, no! That ship has sailed, and he isn’t local, anyway. But the things we did turned me on in a way I didn’t expect, and the sex was off the scale so now I want to explore the lifestyle for myself.