Will they be torn apart?

As she is hurrying across campus, Faith falls down and scrapes her hands and knees. Before she can stand, a man named Juan is helping her up and asking, with a heavy Spanish accent, if she is okay. The pain and surprise make it difficult for her not to slip into a childlike mindset, and when he offers some light first aid, she can’t refuse. During the brief encounter, Juan automatically treats her like a precious little girl while patching her up.

After that, Faith can’t get him out of her head, but unfortunately, she has no idea who he is or how to contact him. A week later, when Juan shows up at a munch that Faith attends regularly, both of them are giddy to see the other there. They play together, and Faith becomes attached to her new friend very quickly, opening the door to something more.

Her newfound happiness is disrupted, however, when she finds out that Juan isn’t a U.S. citizen. He’s a Mexican citizen with a visa to work in America, but his visa will be expiring soon. Will they find a way to stay together, or will Faith’s new Daddy Dom be forced to leave her?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy age-play romance contains elements of power exchange.


“What kind of a Daddy are you looking for?” Juan asked.

“Are you asking Little Faith or Adult Faith, because those answers are different, and I’m feeling pretty Little right now, so Adult Faith is wrong.”

“I see,” he said with understanding. “I want to hear both, but for now, please tell me what Little Faith wants in a Daddy.”

Smiling, she gave an enthusiastic answer, “I want a Daddy who gives me lots of hugs and kisses and lets me sit in his lap all the time. I want him to buy me lots of presents every day, like dolls, stuffed animals, and coloring books. I want a Daddy who is very patient and understanding, and who never ever gives time outs and only spanks when I’m really, really naughty. But mostly, he just forgives me and indulges me, because he knows how hard it is to be Adult Faith all the time, every day. I want a Daddy who takes care of me, because Adult Faith has to take care of everyone else.”

Juan nodded. “And how old is Little Faith?”


“Well, that all sounds very reasonable for someone who is six.”

“What are you looking for in a Little?” Faith asked hopefully as she ate the last bite of her sandwich.

“I want a Little who enjoys being snuggled and spoiled and who feels happy when I take care of her every need while she’s being Little.”

Faith grinned and clapped. “We match!”

“Yes, it sounds like we do, but,” Juan cautioned, “taking care of my Little’s every need is not the same as giving her everything she wants.”

“Is too!” she protested.

“No, chiquita, it’s not. You may want chocolate cake every night for dinner, but that’s not what you need. As a Daddy, I wouldn’t allow you to do things that weren’t good for you, even if that’s what you wanted to do.”

“I wouldn’t want chocolate cake every night,” Faith muttered while poking at her remaining apple slice.

“That’s a discussion I’ll need to have with Adult Faith at another time.”