Captain, My Captain by Maddie Taylor

Special Forces Captain Tony Rossi is back from Afghanistan and ready to settle into civilian life. He has his business affairs in order and is now ready get on with the personal business of Megan Sinclair. Kept apart for 15 years by distance and circumstance, those barriers no longer exist and Tony is ready to claim his woman. Will she be willing to accept his belief in a traditional relationship where the man is the head of the household? What about his part-ownership in the local bondage club? He is determined to win her no matter the obstacles that get in his way.

Megan, for her part, has loved him since high school but believes he just thinks of her as a cute, kid sister. When she realizes that Tony is interested, it’s a double-edged sword. As an independent business woman can she conform to Tony’s old fashioned beliefs and demands and be spanked? Can she bring all her secret fantasies to life and submit?

Finally, when they are both available to work on a relationship, life interferes. Megan accidentally becomes embroiled in the conspiracies of a local drug dealer with ties to a Mexican drug cartel. Tony must keep her safe at all costs, something that now she is not at all sure she wants. When fantasy meets reality, bottoms get sore and suddenly that’s not quite so much fun. Or is it?

This extra-long romantic story contains non-consensual and consensual domestic discipline and spanking, including mild BDSM elements.


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Becoming Lil’ Mandy by Elsa Black

“My desire to dominate isn’t unlike your desire to submit. But my desire to dominate is stronger than what most partners are willing to allow. I’m one of those rare men who want to not just correct and train, but to coddle, guide and control. I require a deep submission – the ultimate submission. I desire a woman who can fall back into that purest trusting state, that age of perfect innocence when her Papa was her whole wide world. I want a woman whose dependence is total – from the time I wake her up to the time I put her to bed. That level of care? That, sweet Mandy, is my calling. And for all my wealth – and it is substantial – I will not feel truly rich until I find the woman strong enough to put herself in my care.”


Amanda Wingate is the failed product of what should have been a charmed life. Adopted into a family of wealth where she wasn’t truly wanted, her desire for paternal acceptance made her prey to a dominant man whose betrayal landed her in prison.


When she is selected for a program designed to reform non-violent prisoners, she has no idea that the backers are actually a group of powerful men who select women for clients looking for Little Ones to train and claim as their own.


Ethan Sharp has everything – looks, wealth and a successful business. What he lacks is the connection he has given up finding among women in his social circle. When he is directed to the Eden Institute, he believes he has found the answer.


But will his pairing with the emotionally vulnerable Amanda Wingate be successful? Ethan is eager to earn her ultimate submission. And with the help of a stern nanny, he begins the loving and sensual task of transforming Amanda into Mandy through equal measures of spankings and sexual submission, which includes making her submit parts of herself she never thought possible. Can her journey into deep submission heal Amanda’s heart and give her the security that’s eluded her all her life?


“Becoming Lil’ Mandy” is a story told against the backdrop of the Eden Institute, which features interplay with other couples in a lifestyle that’s become a source of literary fascination for thousands of readers who enjoy tales of intense submission.

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