Lt. Samantha Quimby, USMC is a beautiful, brilliant and very unique young woman. Not only does she have the privilege of being the youngest known Special Ops officer in the Corps, but an unfortunate accident during a dive in the Marinas Trench leaves her permanently amphibious!  Her new found ocean freedom, combined with her unique ability with ocean mammals and an overtly defiant and somewhat reckless nature, wreaks havoc on her very loving, but very strict family.  Her father and uncle, both USMC Generals, and her older brother, Michael, are in constant pursuit of trying to keep her safe from herself and her own curiosity and often thoughtless actions. In desperation, the three resort to old-fashioned military discipline- bare bottom spankings.
The 18 year old is appalled, but it does not take long for her to discover that love can be expressed in a firm and consistent manner upon her little bottom.


Love, laughter, duty and obedience frames Sam’s life and, despite a constant sore backside, she couldn’t be happier.


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Kissed by the Outlaw by Kira Barcelo

Determined to go on with her life following her divorce–and lose eight pounds while she’s at it– Kelly Long set off to hike up a North Carolina mountain with her dog, Mimi. The very last thing she expected to find in those woods was a portal, a doorway to another time and place, which transported her, toy poodle and all, back to 1871 Wyoming. Back to the Wild West, with cowboys, horses, and wagons– and unfortunately for Kelly, a time when men weren’t shy about spanking a misbehaving wife.
Jess McSwain, formerly of the infamous McSwain Brothers, didn’t know what to make of his “future girl.” For the past few years, the former outlaw had been doing his best to leave his past behind, in favor of a quiet life as a farmer. But life with Kelly was anything but quiet. The career woman struggling to find the portal that would take her back to the only life she’d known, consistently finds herself over McSwain’s knee. She also finds herself in his arms… which feels more like home than any place she’s ever known.

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Brittany and Duncan have returned in a deliciously decadent story, filled with romance, bondage, discipline and more.


Duncan believes he can lead Brittany deeper into the world of BDSM, and with seductive Dominant skill, he introduces her to some of his favorite prurient pleasures, but a misunderstanding disrupts their happy holiday.


Brittany runs off, leaving Duncan filled with confusion and despair. He has no way of knowing where she might be, or how to find her. Alone and vulnerable in a strange city, Brittany is hurt, upset and vulnerable.


Will Brittany manage to stay out of harms way? Can Duncan find her before she gets herself in trouble? If they are reunited, will they find their Happily Ever After?


The Strict British Barrister: Act Two, is a tantalizing love story filled with surprises, spanking, romance and salacious sex. A tale that takes the reader from the exclusive Claridges Hotel in Knightsbridge, to a stately manor called Andover Abbey in the heart of the English countryside, a place where the word “naughty” takes on a whole new meaning.


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