Dear Reader:
Book 7 of the Masters of the Castle series is here! I have to say, this series has been a blast to write. Nearly every day I get emails from readers asking questions regarding my ideas or progress on the next book, so for this newsletter I thought I’d take a minute to answer a few of the most popular.
Q: Where did you get the idea for this series?
A: About five years ago, my husband dragged me kicking and screaming (well, all right, he dragged me quietly sulking) to my first BDSM munch meeting. We drove three hours to the event and I chickened out. I refused to attend, but sat instead in our hotel room and worked on whatever book I was writing at the time while he enjoyed his time with that delightful group of people. And I do mean he enjoyed it. Thoroughly. So much so that when he came back, he waxed poetic about how much fun it was and somehow managed to convince me to give them a try.
So fine, the next month I did. …And I was hooked. It was fun and funny, and informative, and I have continued to attend religiously every month, twice a month, ever since. The people are awesome and over the years, they have introduced me to all sorts of crazy kinks-many of which I have tried, some of which I’ve liked, and all of which I then get to share with you. My vision for this series is to introduce my readers to the wide and wonderful variety that is This Thing We Do. My first love will always be spanking, but I’ve come to discover there’s a whole lot more out there waiting to be sampled and enjoyed.
Q: Where in Ohio is the Castle located?
A: I have been deliberately vague on this. Sometimes I create towns, sometimes I borrow existing ones. In this case, I created the town, so I left the precise locale unspecified. Open up a map and plant your finger somewhere in Ohio. The Castle is around there somewhere.
Q: Why aren’t all the Masters/Mistress of the Castle books numbered, including those by other authors?
A: The only Masters of the Castle books that receive a number (Book 1, Book 2, etc…) are the ones I write. In the beginning, I was scared to death that I might lose creative control of the project, something I now realize was a foolish fear. Still, once burned, twice shy-it’s a saying for a reason. I have since come to regret that decision. Sadly, it’s too late to go back and change it.
Q: Where did the idea for Maddy Mine come from?
A: Once upon a time, well over a year ago, a reader messaged me on Facebook and said (I’m paraphrasing, because I don’t remember the exact exchange), “I wish I could go to the Castle.”
To which I replied, “I know, right? Me too.”
“No, but really I do,” she said. “I want my own Master and I want it to be like one of your stories.”
I said, “Be careful what you wish for.” But really, that’s the thing about authors. If you tickle us or piss us off enough, you just might find yourself as a character in the next story. Sometimes you won’t know which you’ve done until you’re either getting spanked or messily killed off. In this case, let’s just say I was tickled. I gave her Dominick, the Dungeon Master.
Q: Please, please, please tell us there’s going to be another book!
A: Technically that’s not a question but, yes. I’ve got several Masters clamoring in the back of my head, all demanding that their stories be told. So, for as long as you remain interested in buying and reading about them, I’m happy to keep the series going.
Maddy Mine has been a labor of love right from the start. I hope you (and the reader for whom it’s named) enjoy it!
Happy Reading!
Maren Smith
Maddy Mine by Maren Smith

When Marshall is approached for help by another vacation resort, he responds by sending his most notorious sadist, Dungeon Master Dominick. His job: to fly to the Caribbean and help institute the same Safe, Sane and Consensual policies that have made the Castle such a success. Though not at all pleased by the assignment or its disruption to his routine, the last thing Dominick expects are complications… until he bumps into Maddy Cameron. She’s plump, she’s pretty, she’s every bit the complication he doesn’t want or need, and yet he can’t help himself. Every time he gets close, he can’t wait to get closer still, to touch and be touched, to taste her, tease her, torment and possess her. Not just for a few scenes or a few days, but for the rest of his life… if only Maddy’s past scars will let him.
Hired to write a promotional review for a pirate-themed BDSM resort, Maddy looks on the opportunity as if it were a once-in-a-lifetime vacation – a vacation that comes complete with a tall, dark, arrogant and masterfully good-looking Dominant thrown in. It’s been four years since her disaster of a divorce, and though she knows she’s neither young enough nor thin enough to keep the attention of someone like Dominick, the allure of an illicit island fling is more than she can resist. Still, flings – like most relationships – don’t last, and better than anyone, Maddy knows the pain of letting herself get too close.
For Dominick, however, a little pain is all in a day’s pleasure. Maddy might not know him well enough now, but she’s about to find out that the world’s most infamous Dungeon Master never did take ‘no’ for an answer.
Publisher’s Note: While this is the eighth book in Maren Smith’s hugely popular Masters of the Castle series, it can be read as a standalone, as can all the others. The series numbers are just a guideline as to recommended reading order.
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