Elizabeth continues her transformation into Damon’s lifestyle, growing and embracing her desires while still hoping for something more than an arrangement.

Damon comes face-to-face with emotions he has buried for years, believing the only way he can survive is to maintain control.

A series of incidents finds them both beginning to deal with their emotions as they look for a middle ground. After casting Elizabeth aside, Damon realizes he may lose her and goes after her to bring her home. Pleasure is there for both, but the pain is emotional, with Damon trying to let go of some of the beliefs he has lived by, and Elizabeth believing everything will be all right, that she is happy for now, and that she and Damon will live together happily ever after.

But is that really how it will turn out?

Publisher’s Note: This steamy contemporary romance contains elements of power exchange.

Ten Fun Facts About Zoe Asher

She has worked in 15 countries.

She loves lavender lattes.

Her chihuahua, Nanou, is her constant companion.

She was born in North American, but her heart is in the South of France.

She waits for the day that an iPad is a computer – and she knows how to use it well.

She would like to travel on the Siberian Express and write about it.

The best compliment she ever received was that she had raised two children, who were a joy to be around.

Her closet is filled with black, a bit of white and a pop of red.

She loves stilettos, but wears ballet flats.

She’s glad she has a room of her own.


Downstairs, the foyer was a circle, with the front double doors across from the winding staircase and two corridors leading off in opposite directions. Elizabeth followed Damon down one hallway. The walls were void of decoration, as they were on other levels, save the same medieval torch lights along the corridors. Double doors stood open to a large room that held a rustic table of old wooden planks and metal stretchers. The table that could easily seat twenty had been set for one with the finest crystal, china, and silver. Food and wine were placed on a sideboard. An iron chandelier lit with candles was anchored to a side wall.

I’ve been transported back in time to a medieval castle, thought Elizabeth.

Damon sat down and brought Elizabeth’s hand to his lips, telling her that, tonight, she would have the pleasure of serving him. There were numerous plates on the sideboard piled with food and decanters of wine. Elizabeth took a deep breath as her heart began to race.

“Will I serve you every meal?”

“Perhaps while we are here,” replied Damon. “As I said, the servants will be absent in deference to your wishes not to be seen naked. You must, therefore, expect to assist in accommodating that wish.”

“But, if I were not naked—”

“But it is my wish, Elizabeth, that you are.”

Elizabeth stopped her impulse to challenge Damon and turned to serve. There were two kinds of wine and a sideboard filled with every kind of cold meat and fish one could imagine, potato salad and pickled vegetables, and various pies and puddings or mousse for dessert. Elizabeth filled a plate with a slice of prime rib, some horseradish and mustard, a spoonful of potato salad, and pickled vegetables. She selected the red wine in the decanter and placed the plate and wine in front of Damon, who motioned for her to kneel beside him as he began to eat. Elizabeth tried to stem her hunger pangs, wondering when or if she would be allowed to eat.

He cleared his throat. “That was exceptional, Elizabeth. You may remove the plate, refill my glass, and bring me what you think would give me pleasure for dessert.”

Elizabeth did as he said, deciding on a small bowl of chocolate mousse. She was about to kneel again, when Damon stopped her.

“You must be wondering when you will eat, Elizabeth. I told you to ask questions. Why have you not asked me?”

Elizabeth lowered her eyes and replied, “I wanted to, but—”

“Listen, my pet, when I tell you to ask questions in a situation that I know is unfamiliar to you, I expect you to ask. You will not disappoint me. I will have my dessert now, which will include you, and then I will leave. You will then prepare a plate for yourself and leave it on the sideboard, return to your rooms, and prepare to receive me in one hour. Your plate will be delivered to your kitchen.” Damon took a drink of wine and pushed back his chair. “Now, Elizabeth, straddle my legs. I want to eat your wet pussy with the chocolate mousse.”

Elizabeth felt heat burn through her as Damon grabbed her by the waist and lay her back on the table. He opened her legs wide, pushing her heels on the table back as far as they would go. “So wet, so slick, and all mine. Mine. It’s been too many nights, Elizabeth, since I’ve had you.” Elizabeth grabbed the sides of the table and dug her nails into the wood. She began to pant

and arched toward Damon as he applied the mousse to her tits and pussy. “You want it, too, don’t you, puss?”

“Yes, yes, oh my God, yes.”

A hand turned her and slapped her butt.


“Yes, Sir. Please, Sir, I need you. I want you so much.”

“Pretty kitty, lie back and let me lick you. Hold the table. Keep your knees up and your

legs spread. Do not come. I dreamed about sucking on your tits and licking your pussy while I was gone.” Then, under his breath, “I want you, too, Elizabeth, more than I should.” She knew that Damon’s attraction to her created conflicting emotions in his well-ordered life. He knew Elizabeth was attracted to him in her vanilla, romantic way, but he thought he could only be satisfied in an arrangement.

He sucked and pinched Elizabeth’s breasts. “Can’t wait to put clamps and a chain on your tits. I want to yank you toward me.” He licked down Elizabeth’s abdomen, inhaling her scent, and stopped just above her mons. He spread her lower lips which were covered with mousse and began to lick and eat. “You taste so fucking good, the end to a perfect meal.” Damon wiped his face on a napkin and threw it aside. “I’ll see you in an hour. Be ready.”

Elizabeth lay staring at the ceiling, panting, completely frustrated and unsatisfied. I want to come. I need to come. And I have a punishment coming. Maybe this is it? She pulled herself up, slid off the table, and wiped herself with a napkin. After filling a plate, she left to find her way upstairs. As she entered her suite, the clock on the fireplace mantle chimed the quarter hour. Forty- five minutes, and she would find out what happened next.