My ranch. My rules.

Carrie is mine. Maybe having my brother and his fiancée home for Christmas wasn’t the best idea. But Carrie knows the rules and the consequences.

A storm is brewing. Things only get worse – tragic, in fact. Then the tide turns and beauty rises from the ashes.

All I can do is hold on tight to my girl, and try to be the best man and friend I can be. But will it be enough?

Forever Daddy is book two in the Sweet Texas Love series, but can be read as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This sweet romance contains elements of power exchange and domestic discipline. If these themes offend you, please do not purchase.

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His to spoil and spank…

Slowly, Wes leaned in and softly, his lips met hers. The way he kissed her made her know that she truly was the only girl in the world for him, and she was melting into his arms.

Wes’ hands found their way into her curls. He held her head in his hands as the kiss deepened. Then, he pulled away and said, “I’d do anything for you, Carrie girl.”

“How about forgetting about my spanking?” Carrie murmured with a smile, ready to start kissing again.

Wes pulled away further, his hands moving to her shoulders. “Anything but that,” he said.

His hands wandered down her arms and onto her thighs as he whispered into her ear, “Now what kind of daddy would I be if I let my little girl’s naughtiness go unpunished?” Hands still wandering over her body, he continued, “My ranch, my rules, little girl. You know that. And what is the punishment for running away?”

Carrie knew all too well what the punishment for running away was. After the dust had settled from the crazy wedding break up, the cheating scandal, and Carrie and Wes had gotten together, Wes had asked her to go to dinner with Jessica and Garrett. A little ‘make peace so we can have holidays together’ meal. It had been going well until Jessica accidentally revealed the fact she was pregnant. The drama of the situation was too much for Carrie. She had left the table, the city, the state, and run home to South Carolina. When Wes finally came for her, he had brought the little brown leather strap with him, and after asking her permission had punished her with it in her own barn.

Knowing she was required to say the embarrassing words, she took a deep breath and said them. “A spanking.”

“Not just a spanking, I’m afraid. It’s a bare bottom strapping. Isn’t it?”