Jobless. Fiance-less. Spineless. That was Blake Campbell’s self-assessment as she arrived for her much needed ten-day getaway at The Bar H Guest Ranch. A little horseback riding and girl time would surely wrench her weary heart back into some sort of normality. She was tired of feeling sorry for herself.

What she didn’t expect, though, was a self-imposed guardian shadowing her all over the damn place and thwarting any kind of fun. A smoldering hot guardian dressed like a cowboy dream, but still, what was his deal? As he kept appearing wherever she was and telling her every activity was just too dangerous for a small girl like her, she finally began to feel more like herself and completely lost her temper…in front of a lot of people…and a BB gun may have been involved.

The smoldering cowboy demonstrated exactly how he felt about her outburst, and though she knew she shouldn’t have been even more attracted to him afterwards, she could not stop herself. The cowboy who kept telling her what to do and smiling at her like he knew something she didn’t had actually made her feel something other than misery and self-pity: total irritation.

What could she do but just wait and see where the next day would take her? What would smoldering cowboy do to her, and if she had her way, what would she do to him?

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