One tragic night changed Belle Alston’s world forever. She gave up an opportunity for love and chose vengeance instead. Now, her life is a lie. Belle must disguise herself as a boy, and she becomes the notorious bounty hunter, Fury.

But Fury has a problem, Ranger Travis Parker, a man from her past, a man she believed she could have a future with. To make matters worse, Travis knows her true identity. Belle is determined to continue her life as Fury, but Travis has other plans. He is taking her home, whether she likes it or not.

Travis will do anything to get Belle home and keep her safe, even if he has to warm her cute little backside.

Publisher’s Note: Fury’s Love is a sweet romance set in 1880s Texas, filled with suspense, humor, endearing romance, and a theme of loving power exchange.

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Travis grabbed her gun and tucked it into his belt. He pulled a stunned Fury to her feet. His eyes smoldered like the fire. “I told you not to ever point a gun at me again.”

Before Fury could utter a word, Travis hauled her over to a large rock. He sat down and flung her over his knee.

She yelped at the first smack on her backside and cursed with the second.

“No cussing,” she heard Travis order as he continued the assault on her pant covered bottom.

Fury fought with everything in her, her legs scissored as she twisted and turned, desperate to throw herself off his lap. The sting of his large hand set fire to her backside, but she refused to concede defeat and beg for mercy, and she sure as hell was not going to let him see her cry.

“Belle Alston, do you realize the worry and work you’ve put me through today, girl?” Travis scolded as he rained down burning pain on her backside.

Belle let out a guttural scream as she beat his hard calves with her fists. She continued to kick and jerk and wiggle, doing anything to get out of this man’s grip. “Go to Hell,” she screamed.

“Cursing now. Can’t have none of that, Belle; young ladies shouldn’t curse.”

He picked up the pace, and Fury bit down on her lip fighting off the tears welling up in her eyes.

“You run from me. You drug me. You run from me again. Oh, and yes, you send a huge man after me.” Travis punctuated each phrase with a hard smack on her bottom. The spanking stopped for a moment as Travis drew in a breath. “And,” smack “you think you can bring Cutter Dan in alone.” Travis was infuriated by his own words and spanked harder.

Fury hated the show of weakness when her hand instinctively went to her backside to protect her burning bottom.

“Oh, I see I may be getting through to you,” Travis said as he trapped her hand in the middle of her back and continued spanking. He slowed his pace when Fury became quiet and stopped struggling. “Have you learned your lesson?” Travis up righted her, only to have her give him an angry scowl.

Fury opened her tight lips to speak. “I. Said. Go. To. Hell!”

“I see,” Travis answered and flipped her back over his knee. “This time, you lose your pants.”

“What the hell!” Fury screamed and fought. “You can’t do that.”

She barely finished her protest when she felt his hand undo her pants and push then around her knees. Fury bucked and tried to bite his leg.

“Bite me, and you lose your drawers.”

Fury froze. “You won’t dare!’ she screeched.

“Try me and see.”

Confusion and panic swam in Fury’s head as his hand made contact with her thinly clothed bottom. The spanks to her bottom scorched, and her resolve was caving.

Travis continued to spank and scold, but the burn in her backside and her internal fight to remain in control blocked out much of what he said. She heard words, never, never, again and do you hear me. Also a few young ladies. But the words she heard clearly, the words that put a dent in her walled-up emotions were, “What do you think your parents would want? Do you think they would want your life at risk.? Do you think anyone who loves you would want you to risk your life—do you think I would want you to risk your life?”

Those words pierced the center of her heart, and a few tears broke through. “I’m sorry,” she sobbed.

“What?” Travis said, still raining punishment on her backside.

“I’m so sorry,” he heard her softly say.

He stopped and gently sat her up on his lap. He knew he’d freed her emotions; he knew he had reached Belle.