The hangman has no mercy.

He lives on the fringes where the people want him: where the stain of death can’t sully their happy homes.
His duty is the law, but the law can’t give him what he wants.

Others tried to bribe him. Others tried to beg.
And if Emmat Bird can’t find some way to stop the executioner, her brother will swing from his gallows.
Just like all the others.

Emmat tries to fool the hangman.
She fails.

Emmat tries to fight the hangman.
She loses.

Emmat makes a bargain.
She’s his.

She could run in the night, but the hangman knows her secret.
The hooded man knows who she is and what she’s done.
He can make things much, much worse.

Gallows Pole is a dark and filthy stand-alone novella set in the Skull & Crossbone universe, where dangerous men cross paths with determined women. Intense themes shade the pages in a tale only for readers who like their bad boys Very Very Bad.