Nick, a forty-something war veteran turned horse breeder, suddenly appears just when Katie’s chaotic world seems to be spiraling. Alone and unwanted, she is drawn to the older man who provides security but demands control. Soon, she finds herself part of a life in which she is surprised to discover she belongs. Desperate not to be cast aside, she clings and submits to the man who has declared himself to be not only her guardian and protector, but a surrogate parent who punishes her reckless behavior.

Nick decided long ago that love, marriage and a family were not for him. However, there is something about the young woman he has taken under his wing that is slowly changing his mind about falling in love. The twenty-five year age difference has been holding him back. Can Katie convince him that it doesn’t matter to her?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains stern discipline and explicit themes.


Nick reached out and shook Jimmy’s hand again. “She is very sorry, and believe me, after I get her cleaned up and fed, this little lady and I are going to have an unpleasant discussion about the choices she has made.” He nodded at Katie and added, “If she isn’t truly sorry for what she has done, I promise you that, when we are done taking care of business, she will be a very sorry little girl.”

Katie felt her cheeks get red as she saw Jimmy and the bouncer smirking. She wanted to protest, but she remembered what Nick had said about spanking her in front of everyone at the bar, and she kept her mouth shut. Her cheeks were blazing as she looked down at the floor. Her stomach had dropped, when it became obvious what Nick meant by an ‘unpleasant discussion’.

“Okay, Katie,” Nick said. “Go get whatever things you have here. You won’t be back.”

When Katie didn’t move right away, Nick took her by the arm, turned her sideways and firmly smacked her bottom. “Now, Katie.”

Katie was mortified. She looked up at Nick with her mouth hanging open and her cheeks on fire. Her eyes teared up more from embarrassment than anything else. Her hands had immediately flown back to rub her jean-covered bottom. She looked over at the other men, who were trying not to laugh, and then she ran to the back room to get her things. A few minutes later, as she came out of the back, she could hear the men talking. She thought to herself bitterly that they sounded like old friends. Jimmy was saying that what she needed was someone to take care of her and love her enough to take a firm hand when she needed it. Nick could tell that despite his anger before, Jimmy was truly fond of Katie and wanted her to be safe. As Katie came into the bar area, she heard Nick assure the other men that he would not hesitate to give Katie exactly what she needed. The heat returned to her cheeks once again when Nick said, “I guarantee that, tonight, there is going to be one very sorry little lady sleeping on her tummy.”


 Author Interview

with Luna Renee


When did you know you wanted to be an author?

I’ve always loved books and reading, but I think I first knew I wanted to be an author when I was thirteen.  I was in 8th grade and our class had just finished reading The Outsiders.  I remember our teacher told as that the author wrote the book when she was only fifteen, and she used initials instead of her real name so readers wouldn’t know that she was a girl.  I remember not only loving the book, but being fascinated by the idea that someone my age had written the story.  Our teacher had us write our own short story – I still remember mine was called The Hot Dog Boy.  I had never been asked by a teacher to write an original story before that assignment. I remember that it was a life changing experience for me and the first time I ever thought I could really be a writer.


What is your writing process like?

I can only write at night which may sound crazy to some people.  I’ve always been a night owl, and there is something about the night that allows me to be more open.  I can start writing at 10 p.m. and suddenly realize that it is 4 a.m. and I need to be up and getting myself ready for work and my kids ready for school in two hours.  When I realize the time, and that I have been writing all night, I’m always shocked that the night went by so quickly.  It’s almost like I was in a trance getting the story down on paper.  The daylight is jarring and filled with the responsibilities of everyday life, but the night is free time when I can concentrate on my characters without distraction.


Libraries or bookstores?

I enjoy both libraries and bookstores.  If I’m looking for a book I want to take home, I would go with a bookstore.  Libraries are great, especially the one closest to where I live, because they are old and when I’m sitting in a library, I get the feeling that I can be transported to any time or place.  It’s the same sense of freedom I feel when I’m writing at night.


Do you like to outline or just dive right in when writing?    

I tend to dive right in.  I usually have a general idea of where the characters are going when I start, but often once I begin writing, the story and the characters end up going in a different direction than what I originally planned.


Where do you find inspiration for writing?

I get most of my inspiration from people I know – not necessarily people I am close to.  Sometimes I’ll talk to a person just in passing, or I’ll see someone or hear a conversation.  Suddenly that person is a character in my head that may even end up in a story.


What was the hardest part about writing Katie and Nick?  

For me, the hardest part is always getting started.  I’m a procrastinator and beginning any story takes a giant leap of faith in yourself.  Once I get started, the characters take on a life of their own.  I find that finishing a story is much easier than getting started.


Would you rather do the spanking or be spanked?

I’m not the controlling type, so I would be much more likely to find myself over someone’s knee than to be dishing out the spankings.


Chocolate or Vanilla?

My favorite has always been chocolate chip, so I guess I’m a little of both. ?




Character Interview

Katie (From Katie and Nick) – Interviewed by Luna Renee


What is the best thing about Nick?

Well, he’s hot, and that is definitely one thing I noticed right away.  But the BEST thing about Nick is that he takes care of me and makes me feel safe.  I always feel special when I am with him.


What is one thing that Nick does that drives you crazy? 

That’s easy!  I love that he wants to take care of me, but sometimes he treats me like I’m a kid who can’t be trusted to make good decisions on my own.  That drives me crazy.


Do you think you act like a kid?   

No, not really…  Sometimes I make mistakes because I don’t think things through, but I don’t think that makes me a kid.


Tell me about your greatest adventure? 

Last Halloween, I snuck off with my friend Britt who Nick does not trust.  It was the craziest night ever.  We drank spiked punch from a kiddie pool, and long story short, we ended up in the back of some crazy guy’s car, Britt ditched me, and I had to walk to a bar in the cold and call Nick for a ride home. Yikes!


How did he react?

After he realized I was safe, he was not pleased with me or my ‘bad choices’.


What happened when you got back home to Rolling Hills? 

Well (blushing)… let’s just say I did not feel much like sitting after our ‘talk’.


Care to elaborate?

Not really.  If you are interested in finding out all the embarrassing details, you will have to read our story Katie and Nick.  It’s coming soon…