She’s everything he didn’t know he was missing in his life.

When her husband dies under mysterious circumstances, Lady Rose Colby retreats to her childhood nursery, safe from the outside world.

Everyone around her tells Rose they have her best interests at heart, but she can’t be sure they are telling her the truth. Especially her new guardian, Captain Harry Grey. He is dashing and handsome, with a reputation as a rake of the first order. But once she experiences his brand of discipline, Rose knows exactly what she wants – to be the captain’s little girl forever. There must be a way to make Harry fall in love and claim her as his own – if Rose only knew what it was…

When Harry honors his friend’s final wishes and becomes guardian to his friend’s widowed sister, he had no idea what to expect. He is pleasantly surprised and quickly mesmerized by the beautiful young woman. He needs to make certain she will be cared for financially and emotionally when she inherits her family’s wealth. Even though he isn’t of her social standing, he can’t bring himself to stop the feelings he’s developing for her, or entertain the idea of another man becoming her husband.

This is book three in the Deceit and Desire series but can be enjoyed independently.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains elements of power exchange, and age play.