Lance and Rachel Underwood are the proud owners of the Hotel in Rusty Bucket, Texas, but when a family is murdered by Comanche, the men are called upon to get word to the outlying ranches and farms that the Comanche are on the warpath. Lance has ordered his wife to stay in town, but she has a bad feeling, and she follows her husband into danger as he and Clay are on their way to warn Bill and Jack, and their wives Beth and Jeannie.  

In the meantime, Beth and Jeannie are in some trouble of their own. Indian signs are all around, and the brothers order their wives not to leave the house, but Jeannie neglected her chores, and there are no eggs to bake a cake and make noodles for supper. Beth goes out to collect the eggs, positive she will be inside shortly, and the men will never know. At least, that is the plan – until she turns around and finds a Comanche brave blocking the door to the hen house. 

One thing that the men of Rusty Bucket have in common is a strong hand, and they believe in applying it where it will do some good! Harvest Moon is the second in the Rusty Bucket series, which began with The Firecracker Gets Her Man.