Dr. Melissa French is a respected psychiatrist who happens to specialize in relationships with a power exchange dynamic, despite having never been involved in one herself. Brilliant, driven, and dedicated, she yearns to find a man she can hand the reins over to, but she has all but given up hope of meeting him.

Then she meets sexy, bossy, Detective Jack Meyers. He enjoys women, but he’s never had one pull at his heart – and libido – the way the good ‘doc’ does. The potent sexuality boiling just underneath her stiff, professional demeanor makes him more than a little crazy.

Learning together, they build a beautiful and mutually satisfying D/s relationship. Just when the two lovers think happily-ever-after is within reach, a dark figure from the past threatens to wreck everything they have. Can Jack save the woman he loves and in so doing save his own heart? Or will she be the one person he cannot save?

Publisher’s Note: This love story contains vividly described explicit encounters.



Melissa was giving him that look again, like she was sizing him up. He held her gaze until she turned and faced him fully and leaned in conspiratorially.

“And what if I said I was driving home?” Her voice had dropped to a low purr that went straight to his loins. He’d heard a similar tone from her once before. You wouldn’t know what to do if I told you, she’d said, right after telling him that people weren’t always what they seemed. He wondered if he was about to find out what she’d meant by that. “What would you do, Detec-tive Jack Meyers? Arrest me? Put me in jail for the night?”

“Of course not,” he scoffed.

Her lips curled upward in a smile that was utterly and purely female. “Of course not,” she echoed. “Would you like to know what I think you should do?”

He wondered where exactly this conversation was going. “Sure, doc.”

“I think,” she leaned in until he could feel her breath tickling his ear, “that you should spank me.”