She’s a broke Cosmetology student. He’s an established salon franchise owner and billionaire. Will she allow him to become her Daddy?

Jennifer Caman is twenty-one years old and is focused on building her career and making some money. She never thought she would find love and security on the way. Sure, she’d go on a date here and there, but love? It wasn’t even on her mind.

Anthony Giuliani is a successful business mogul who has been through plenty of women. He is a master of kink and domination. He’s comfortable with who he is and what he wants… or rather who. However, when he meets Jenn, her status as one of his school’s students and her age stand in his way.

The two meet at one of San Francisco’s many bars, not knowing who the other was before hopping into bed. Will they be able to navigate their relationship, despite judgment from those around them? Will Jennifer become confident in herself and in her sexuality?

Publisher’s Note: This contemporary romance contains elements of mystery, suspense, menage, danger, adult themes, sensual scenes and possible triggers for some readers. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

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He slammed the large oak door behind them, and she found herself in a small office, simply an executive desk and three chairs. Mr. Giuliani locked the door behind him, only further raising Jenn’s suspicions that something bad was about to happen. Why was there even a lock on the door? Within seconds, he was pressed against her, his hot breath moistening the back of her neck. His hand was no longer around her wrist but both were now grasping her hips. His hold on her was firm as if to say, “You’re staying here whether you like it or not”. Jenn was overwhelmed. Honestly, how had she not passed out?

“I usually abstain from relations with employees. Think you can keep your mouth shut?” She couldn’t hold her shudder in. Her pulse was racing and to her surprise, her clit was throbbing. Most men couldn’t turn her on like this even with their dick inside her.

She nodded her head, but that wasn’t good enough. “I want to hear you say it. Now.” The urgency in his voice had her adrenaline rushing.

“I can keep my mouth shut.” The voice didn’t sound like her own. Her sharp tongue that didn’t back down had deserted her and what was left was something that resembled a timid girl mouthing the words ‘Trick or Treat’ on a stranger’s doorstep.

“Good girl. Have you thought about what you’d like your safe word to be?”

“Apricots? I stole it from a movie.”

“Apricots it is.”

His hand made its way to the baby hairs at the nape of her neck within seconds and he manipulated her open mouth towards his. This man pulled hair like he did everything else; he meant business. The kiss reminded her of the hello she had received across the phone. It was hot and passionate and, even though she knew she shouldn’t, she went back in for more. With him still behind her, her ass rubbed against his dick and she finally felt like she could read him. She was doing the same thing to him that he was doing to her.

His right hand that rested over her hip looped around lower and sneakily found her inner thigh. He scrunched the pencil skirt up as he trailed higher. His touch was light. Thank goodness she shaved above the knee today. Once he reached his destination, there was no more gentleness or hesitancy. His three middle fingers found the source of her arousal and made rough, jarring circles through her panties. She bit her lip, not on purpose, but in an effort to keep herself quiet as well as to hide her shock at his brazenness.

His firm grasp returned to both her wrists, one in each hand. He folded her arms behind her and moved to hold them there with just one hand as he slid the papers from the large, wooden desk to the floor. Arms still held in place, he bent her over the desk. Her skirt was still a little out of place and he finished the job by sliding the pink material completely over her hips, exposing her creamy skin and thong beneath.

“Don’t move,” he commanded. She didn’t voice any of her questions, but rather did as she was told, lying with her chest firmly pressed to oak and her round ass on display. She made sure to not move her hands from behind her back, not knowing what sort of punishment she might receive if she didn’t stay completely in the place he had left her.

She could hear the sound of him undoing his belt buckle and quickly after, the sound of metal clinking onto the floor. Jenn turned her head to catch sight of the Dom, only to be reprimanded and told to ‘face the wall’. This wasn’t before getting a glimpse of his erection and of him with a packaged condom in hand. It was cold waiting for him, except for her face and her inflamed cheeks. She picked up the sound of latex being rolled over her lover’s shaft.

Grabbing onto her placed wrists and tugging her upwards and off the desk, he whispered into her ear, “You ready?” She had no time to answer. He slid her thong to the side and rammed into her wet pussy. His dick was perfect, no awkward attempts to get it in, only one powerful thrust. She couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have him inside her again. She was so wet for him and with such little foreplay. Her hips were firmly pressed to the desk, but the rest of her hovered. He was holding her up by a fisted hand, tangled deep into her hair and another at her waist. He pulled her hair tighter with each thrust and her eyes were in line with the ceiling. He pulled her further back to kiss her on the forehead before moving his hand to her throat. He made this transition quick, not allowing her tits to feel the desk’s surface once more. It was a gentle hold, but it had forced a moan from her lips.

The hand he had at her waist moved to cover her mouth while the other tightened around her throat. The message was clear. ‘Keep your mouth shut’. He continued to ram into her, his pace never easing up. His hips moved in a perfect cadence and if her moan hadn’t been heard by any employees, she was convinced the sound of her ass repeatedly smacking into his thighs would be.