News of Mrs. Lucas’ death saddened EJ Mason. Mrs. Lucas had taken her in and raised her while her father was off fighting in the War Between the States. Mrs. Lucas had also tried to make a lady of her, but such things weren’t important to EJ’s papa. However, EJ recalled the things she was taught by the lady, and she knew what to do. She went straight to Mrs. Lucas’ house, fed the cats, watered the plants, and she made sure the parlor was dusted. She also put fresh sheets on the bed in the guest room and made it as nice as possible for the nephew who was on his way for the funeral. EJ also wondered if she should remove her hidden valuables from her secret hiding place in “her” bedroom. She made her way to her room, and was holding her mama’s antique necklace in her hands when she was suddenly grabbed, tossed on the bed, and soundly thrashed! EJ was furious and determined to kill the son of a bitch who dared touch her! The problem, she didn’t know who had dared to treat her like a thief. When he finished the humiliating punishment, he ordered her out of the house before he took her to the sheriff!

The young woman his aunt admired so much had the voice of an angel when she sang at the funeral. Carson Graves stepped forward to meet her at the reverend’s introduction, and thanked her for singing, only to land on his butt when she slugged him as hard as she could with her fist to his jaw! He is shocked to learn the sweet angel was the “twelve-year-old brat” he’d punished the previous day for stealing from his dead aunt!

Will Carson and EJ find love, or will their first impressions last?





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