When she set out to save her sister, she didn’t know her entire world was about to change.

After his brother and sister-in-law decided they no longer wanted to be in a threesome with him, Daniel McKenzie is determined to find a woman of his own. He’s not looking for love or romance. He just wants a woman who is willing to be dominated and tortured by a sexual sadist. He doesn’t think that’s asking too much. After all, he plans to lavish the lucky woman with pleasure, and he’s determined not to return to his ranch until he’s found the perfect wife.

Hope MacGregor is on a mission to rescue her sister, even if that means travelling all the way from San Francisco to Oregon on her own. It’s not an easy task for a lady who is intent on protecting her virtue. But when she meets Daniel, he tempts her to discover a whole new realm of passion and pleasure. If she’s willing to take a chance, he will do more than escort her safely to Oregon. He will fulfill her darkest desires while leaving her virginity intact.

Daniel teaches her all about dominance and submission, pain and pleasure. As they travel six hundred miles together, he turns her from a prim and proper virgin into a temptress who is willing to satisfy all his appetites. But when secrets from his past emerge, they threaten to destroy their happy future. Can Daniel win Hope’s heart and regain her trust, or will he lose her forever?

Although this is book four in the Return to The McKenzies series, it can be read as a standalone.

Publisher’s Note: This steamy historical romance contains graphic scenes and a theme of power exchange. If this is offensive to you, please do not read the book.

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She craned her neck to see him better as she returned his grin. “If that is what submission to a sadist is like, then you can count me in. I’ve never experienced such extraordinary pleasure before. Receiving some pain seems like a small price to pay for such bliss.”

His expression turned sober, and he gently traced one of the welts on her back with his finger, looking guilty as he did so. “Just so you know, I’m not usually quite that cruel. I’m not often driven to inflict severe pain. Most of the time, I will likely just want to tie you up or spank you with my hand. I won’t often feel the urge to mark you or really torture you.”

“Whatever you need to do to me, I’m not frightened, Daniel.” He searched her eyes, and she smiled tenderly at him. She was relieved to see the grim lines around his mouth relax. “I should never have said you were perverted, because if you are, then so am I. I enjoyed absolutely everything you just did to me, so please don’t feel guilty. In fact, I should be thanking you. I never dreamed that being tortured would be so pleasurable.”

His expression registered momentary surprise before he waggled his brows playfully. “You’re welcome, princess. I’ll be happy to give you more pleasure like that anytime you want.”

It warmed her heart to see him looking relaxed again. All of his earlier tension and uncertainty was gone, and she felt proud that she had been able to give him what he needed. She nibbled her bottom lip and flashed him a flirtatious smile. “You know, just an hour ago, you were trying to talk me out of marrying you. I hope I’ve proven that we’re meant to be together. Have I convinced you to keep me?”